Jinger Duggar Wears Pants, Jessa Duggar Earns Fans' wrath

Jinger Duggar Wears Pants, Puts Sister Jessa In Line Of Fire

First shorts and now pants. Jinger Duggar’s wardrobe change has earned her much praise for making bold choices in the backdrop of her conservative upbringing. Her choices have also put her sisters, most recently Jessa Seewald, under intense scrutiny.

During their visit to Waco, Texas, Jinger Duggar did the unexpected by wearing pants when her sisters and friends arrived from Arkansas. While she has taken images with fans in shorts before, wearing pants with family around was as good as making a bold statement of defiance and change. Inadvertently, Jinger’s choice of clothing also drew fans’ attention to Jessa’s dressing, and they were unforgiving.

“I used to think Jessa dressed the best of all of them but ever since she started having babies there are more and more pictures of her dressing more like Jill does,” one fan commented on the images of Jinger Duggar in pants on the Free Jinger website.

Ever since her wedding to former soccer star-turned-pastor Jeremy Vuolo, pregnancy rumors have haunted Jinger. Besides defying conservative Duggar family dressing norms during her recent outing, Jinger has also managed to silence baby talk, at least for now. Fans wonder if she is preventing pregnancy, a complete no-no for the Duggars, who do not believe in obstructing procreation.

While pregnancy rumors have quieted around Jinger Duggar, Jessa was never far way from the subject of baby talk. Fans attributed to her motherhood her perceived inability to appear presentable on the Life Is Not All Pickles and Hairspray Facebook page.

“Jinger and Jana look good. Jessa looks older than her years. It could just be having a small infant and a toddler around though. I hope she and Ben put a few years in between Hank and the next child. I don’t think Jessa was as ready to be a mother as Jill was, or as enthusiastic.”

However, some others were not ready to let her easily off the hook.

“She’s a public person, she knows she’s a public person, and she knows she will have dozens of PR pics taken when she goes out in public,” reads another comment. “It’s not like those celebrities who get their picture taken on the sly when they are leaving the gym. And, Jessa loves having her picture taken and seeks it out. She’s also giving a seminar on dressing modestly, and she purports to be an expert in that area. Obviously, she’s a fashion illiterate. If she’s exhausted, she could have thrown on a cute maxi dress and people would be none the wiser.”

Oh yes we did. ????????????

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“Her ‘wifey’ shirt somewhat made me mad. But then again she has nothing else that defines her life and personality. She could have added ‘mother’ and the picture would have been perfect,” reads yet another reaction to the images.

Ironically, the criticism that Jessa Duggar earned comes just as an announcement of her talk on fashion and modest dressing was made. According to Duggar Family Blog, Jessa is scheduled to speak in Ohio to an all-women audience this June.

Ideas held by Quiverfull families like the Duggars about women’s dressing have been heavily criticized in recent years. In the wake of Josh Duggar’s scandals, several reports have alleged such families subscribe to belief systems that blame immodest dressing and indecent exposure for sexual offenses committed by men.

Interestingly though, Jinger Duggar’s changed clothing choices hold hope for other Duggar sisters, fans believe. Some wonder if Jeremy Vuolo will have an influence on Ben Seewald, given that they are known to be close, while others hope Jinger’s soaring popularity with fans, courtesy of her wardrobe change, could force her sisters to follow suit.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family Official/Facebook]