Outlander Season 3

First ‘Outlander’ Season 3 Trailer Released Tonight

Warning: This article contains Outlander Season 3 and Outlander: Voyager spoilers.

Get ready, Sassenachs! This is big.

Tonight — in a show of mercy to fans who have been forced to endure an unusually long Droughtlander — Starz will broadcast the first official Outlander Season 3 trailer before the premier of new Tudor-era political drama, The White Princess.

As Inquisitr previously reported, Starz recently released some shorter Outlander Season 3 promos. In these brief clips, Claire (Caitriona Balfe) was seen having a huge fight with Frank (Tobias Menzies) and frantically running down a hospital corridor. Meanwhile, there was a glimpse of Jamie (Sam Heughan) at the Battle of Culloden.

Entertainment Weekly reported that the opening of Season 3 breaks from its source material — Diana Gabaldon’s third Outlander book, Voyager. In the book, Jamie awakens seriously wounded after the Battle of Culloden, and Capt. Black Jack Randall is already dead. However, series showrunner Ronald D. Moore thought fans of the TV series deserved to see the showdown between Jamie and Randall after two seasons of buildup.

“It just felt like for the TV show, we’ve been promising this for a while and it just felt like we should have something,” Moore said. “We should give the audience some sense of what happened on that moor.”

Chances are tonight’s Outlander Season 3 trailer will feature a sneak peek at the events on the moor. Hopefully, it will also offer more glimpses of Jamie’s life without Claire. As Inquisitr has already noted, Season 3 will delve much more into Claire’s complicated marriage to Frank than the Outlander book series does, and the brief promo clips show that.

However, other than the Battle of Culloden, we’ve seen very little visual evidence of Jamie’s Outlander Season 3 journey. Not that we haven’t been given plenty of clues.

Outlander Season 3
How much will we learn about Jamie in tonight’s full-length trailer? [Image by Starz]

Sam Heughan told PopSugar that Jamie will be in bad shape at the beginning of the new season.

“In book three, Jamie is many characters. He’s at least three, maybe four different things to people. He has different names, and basically he doesn’t want to be Jamie Fraser. He wants to die at the end of Season 2, and he goes into battle thinking he will. To live is not part of the plan, and certainly without Claire, it’s even more so not what he was expecting. He has to learn to fight again and find purpose in his life.”

Another interesting point is that Voyager depicts Jamie with two women other than Claire. One is a local widow who offers herself up to him before he goes to prison. The other is a woman who wants Jamie to take her virginity before she is forced to marry someone she doesn’t want to. It is unknown if or how these moments will be depicted in Outlander Season 3, but perhaps tonight’s trailer will finally give us some clues.

The other big moment we hope to see previewed is Jamie and Claire’s much-anticipated print shop reunion.

Both Heughan and Caitriona Balfe have teased the moment extensively in interviews.

“I think to really let the reunion and everything that’s going to happen once Jamie and Claire see each other,” Balfe told Vanity Fair. “I think it’s really special.”

Meanwhile, Heughan shared his thoughts on the reunion with PopSugar.

“Time has passed, they become different people, but they do have this great love for each other and this great bond. Ultimately, that’s their saving grace, and what brings them back together. They have so much history. It’s really wonderful to play these characters who have moved on from where they were in Season 1, but, hopefully, you’ll see bits of what attracted them to each other in the first place.”

While Outlander executive producer Matthew B. Roberts let fans know when the print shop scene was filmed last fall, the show’s creators have kept all other details under wraps. Let’s hope that Starz gives viewers at least a small hint of what’s to come during tonight’s trailer.

The Outlander Season 3 trailer is scheduled to air just before the premiere of The White Princess at 8 p.m. ET on Starz.

Outlander Season 3 returns to Starz in September.

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