'The Bachelorette' Rachel Lindsay has hometown date change

‘The Bachelorette’ 2017 Spoilers: Who Got Rachel Lindsay’s First Impression Rose Plus A Hometown Date Change

Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette began filming just a few short days after Nick Viall’s season wrapped up. While it doesn’t seem long ago, Rachel is already filming Episode 7 of her journey. There have not been any concrete spoilers revealed yet as to whether there is one particular man Rachel is clicking with, but as he does every season, Reality Steve is dishing out a lot of details. Two huge details Steve is letting fans know about is which lucky man received Rachel’s first impression rose and how hometown dates are reportedly going to happen much differently than normal on Lindsay’s season.

Reality Steve took to his blog to share some spoilers about Rachel’s season. Steve shared that one man in particular did stand out to Rachel and she gave him her first impression rose. That man is Dr. Bryan Abasolo. There must be a connection between Dr. Bryan and Rachel because he was seen in Norway with Lindsay filming Episode 5 on a one-on-one date. While Steve shared that technically getting the first impression rose from Rachel makes Dr. Bryan a front-runner, he also shared that sometimes it can be the kiss of death. Time and Reality Steve will tell us how far Bryan will make it on Rachel’s journey.

Another huge detail has emerged about Rachel’s season. In one of Steve’s most recent blog posts, he shared details that hometown dates for Lindsay’s guys will be different this season. Steve shared that Robert Mills, an executive producer, revealed the information on a weekly radio show he does and Mills said, “Hometowns are gonna be a little different this season…her family’s not gonna be able to travel to the end like normally happens because her sister is extremely pregnant and is unable to fly…so she’s gonna be taking guys to her home, to meet her family…”

This news of course brings about many questions. Was Mills actually talking about hometown dates or was he referring to how the family travels to the final rose location to meet the two remaining men? At some point Rachel will also need to meet the men’s families in which her family never plays a role in. There are many possibilities and fans will have to wait it out for more details to emerge.

Reality Steve took the statement to mean that Rachel’s final four guys will be going to Dallas to meet Lindsay’s family. Steve shares he is unsure how this will all play out. Will they all four do day dates in public with Rachel then go meet her family that night? He is pretty sure this means Rachel will not be going to the hometowns of these final four men. Steve lives in Dallas so no doubt fans will have tons of information very soon! Rachel’s hometown dates will begin filming next week.

Aside from Reality Steve giving everyone updates on Rachel’s season, a former Bachelorette has some advice for Lindsay. International Business Times shared what Ali Fedotowsky had to say to Rachel. Ali said she spoke with Rachel before her journey began and offered her some advice. Ali said, “I just told her to really enjoy it, because it’s so easy to judge and hate it, because it’s really not that fun dating so many guys. It’s actually really exhausting, and hard. I just remember being asleep when we were in beautiful places and beautiful countries, and my advice to her was just enjoy every moment. Even as exhausted as you may be, just stay in the moment as much as possible. So I hope she does that.”

Fans won’t have to wait too much longer to see how Rachel’s season will play out. Reality Steve will be dishing out the spoilers prior to The Bachelorette premiere and Rachel’s season will officially begin May 22 on ABC.

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