The Bachelor couple Vanessa and Nick are doing just fine

Vanessa And Nick: Bachelor Couple Are Taking Things Slowly, Defy Rumors Of Breakup

The Bachelor couple Vanessa and Nick are enjoying their new relationship and trying to get to know each other. And while the couple have been dogged by rumors that their relationship is a sham for the cameras, or that they’re breaking up any many now, the truth is that they’re just taking things slowly.

As Fox News reports, ever since they wrapped up Season 21 of The Bachelor earlier this year, fans have speculated that the couple’s relationship may be in trouble. Specifically, their appearance on a post-season wrap-up show, “After the Final Rose,” was described by fans as “awkward,” to put it mildly.

Not long afterward, as the Daily Mail reported at the time, paparazzi spotted the happy couple looking not so happy during a routine outing in Hollywood. Dressed in workout gear, the two were seen walking down the street not touching each other. Nick had his headphones in his ears and his arms folded, while Vanessa bore a serious expression on her face.

Once the pair noticed they were on camera, however, they both perked right up. They suddenly found their smiles and started laughing with one another.

Despite rumors of trouble in paradise, the couple continues to insist that they’re doing OK, To be fair, they freely admit that their relationship, which was born out of a reality TV series, has and will continue to have its complications. As they both have tried valiantly to explain, they barely know each other, and Nick was “dating” several other women while he was getting to know Vanessa. In other words, while the feelings are there, the logistics of their relationship are obviously going to need to be worked out.

Nowadays, the couple are living in L.A., as Nick’s commitment to Dancing With The Stars keeps him in the City of Angels for work. Moreover, though the days of outrageous dates like bungee jumping or scuba diving are long gone, the couple enjoys spending time together, doing simpler things, says Nick.

“When we have some down time, we both enjoy cooking so we kind of like to just cook dinner and watch a movie or Netflix. She’s a very good cook [and] I’m not too bad myself.”

On the rare occasions when they do get out, their dates are low-key.

“We’ll walk to get coffee. No one walks here [in L.A.], which is weird ’cause I’m from Chicago and I walk everywhere! It’s 75 degrees out, I think I’m gonna walk. That’s like a normal thing. Vanessa and I are sharing this experience together… she’s been so supportive.”

Earlier this week, the celebrity rumor mill concluded that Nick and Vanessa had broken up for good, as reported by The Inquisitr. However, that rumor appears to have been false, was on Extra‘s Facebook Live segment with Mario Lopez on Tuesday, talking about their upcoming wedding!

As Us Weekly reported, wedding bells do appear to be ringing – at some point in the future – for Nick and Vanessa, although there’s no firm timetable in place.

“Vanessa and I are just focused on our relationship — when we decide it’s time for us to take that next step, we’re just going to plan a wedding.”

And if they do eventually decide to tie the knot, it remains to be seen whether or not the wedding will be a televised event. Doubtless, the producers of The Bachelor would like to see that happen, Nick says he’s not focused on that.

“…if the show wants us, great, and if not … We’re not really focused on whether it’s going to be televised or not.”

Do you believe that Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi will eventually get married?

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