Watch April the Giraffe give birth to her baby calf online

Watch April The Giraffe Give Birth To Calf Via Online Videos, Animal Adventure Park Share New Photos, Live Cam

If you missed watching April the giraffe giving birth to her calf live online, you can watch the moment via online videos. The Animal Adventure Park (AAP) set up a live YouTube cam on Feb. 10 in anticipation for their 15-year-old reticulated giraffe’s upcoming calf delivery. Since February, millions tuned in and watched the live cam waiting for April’s active labor to begin. At approximately 7:15 a.m., Saturday, April 15, the active labor alert was sent and April was officially in labor with the appearance of hooves. April’s labor, delivery, and the birth of her calf streamed live online via YouTube and the official Animal Adventure Park’s Facebook page. You can watch those videos and relive the moment April went into active labor and gave birth to a bouncing baby boy below. You can also see new photos of the calf shared by the Animal Adventure Park.

Watch April the Giraffe Give Birth as Streamed on YouTube

The YouTube live giraffe cam has streamed online since Feb. 10, but never drew as many simultaneous viewers as it did yesterday when April went into active labor. The giraffe cam normally has 100,000 viewers or more, but that number increase dramatically. More than 13 million watched the live birth on YouTube since it aired live. You may watch the full birth of April the giraffe’s calf as recorded on YouTube in the video below.

The Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch previously announced he would stream April the giraffe giving birth live via Facebook. He held true to his word and once hooves were seen and the active labor text was sent, the Animal Adventure Park’s Facebook page went live. There were three videos in total documenting the birth. The first video captured was taken on Patch’s cell phone and he needed to charge. The stream ended but not for long. Once the next two Facebook live videos were captured it was quickly realized that the Facebook coverage was better than what was airing via YouTube. The Facebook live videos were closer to April because they were at eye level, have sound and provided a much clearer image. Patch was able to zoom in and provide an exceptional view of the birth compared to the YouTube giraffe cam that only showed one angle. Still, for those who did not have access to Facebook, the live giraffe cam via YouTube provided plenty of coverage to result in a wonderful viewing experience.

In addition to watching the birth as it streamed yesterday, you can still watch the live giraffe cam via YouTube. Patch stated from the beginning that once April delivered her calf, the live cam would remain in the giraffe stall for several days. After that, the cam will go offline as the Animal Adventure Park prepares for their 2017 opening on May 13. Many fans and followers have expressed sadness about the giraffe cam going offline and this has resulted in people watching the cam fervently before it goes dark. As the newborn calf needs examinations, you might see April in the stall alone. Don’t worry, nothing bad has happened to the baby calf. In fact, the Animal Adventure Park has shared new photos showing how healthy and handsome the baby boy is. You can watch the live giraffe cam featuring April and her baby calf below.

Watch April and Baby Calf Via the Live Giraffe Cam

In the Easter Sunday morning update, the Animal Adventure Park shared a new photo of April’s calf as well as information regarding the baby’s stats. The calf is 5’9 and weighs 129 pounds. The giraffe is bonding with April and Oliver has curiously watched over the pair. There is a current naming contest underway, but many people have stated they prefer the name Apollo. The name would be an acronym with AP for April and OL for Oliver. What do you think of the name Apollo? Do you think that’s the best name for April’s calf? Check out the photos of April’s baby below and find out more information about the Animal Adventure Park’s baby name contest.

The Inquisitr was first to break the story on April the giraffe. At that time, we were told April’s due date was an open-ended imminent. Two months later, we can officially say the wait was well worth it. We join countless others worldwide in thanking the Animal Adventure Park for this fabulous journey.

Interestingly, in a recent update, Jordan Patch was asked if the new baby would be April’s last calf. His answer might surprise you. Patch stated that if all goes well and April gets the okay from her veterinarian, they would be open to her having one more calf. What do you think? Would you be interested in watching another live giraffe cam from the Animal Adventure Park in the future?

Have you enjoyed watching the live giraffe cam? Will you be sad to see it go offline? Did you watch April give birth yesterday or are you going to watch the replay. Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts below.

[Featured Image by Edwin Butter/Shutterstock]