'AOT' Season 2 Episode 4 might feature the debut of a new titan shifter.

‘AOT’ Season 2 Episode 4: ‘Attack On Titan’ Teases Reiner’s Death Flag And A New Titan Reveal

Attack on Titan Season 2 is heading full steam ahead into the Clash of the Titans arc, one of the manga’s most intense storylines. As revealed in the AOT Season 2 Episode 4 preview, Reiner would be finding himself in a tight spot next week, leading numerous fans of the anime to speculate that the Survey Corps soldier would be meeting an untimely end soon. Apart from this, the short Ep 4 preview also appears to be teasing the appearance of the next titan shifter in the anime — the lithe, cryptic titan that was revealed in the Season 2 trailers.

So far, the second season of the critically-acclaimed anime has been progressing steadily at an extremely rapid pace. With just three episodes into its run, AOT Season 2 has already managed to introduce the Beast Titan, the mystery of Connie’s village, Sasha’s homecoming, and the siege of Utgard Castle. For an anime with significant pacing issues back in Season 1, the rapid pace of Season 2 is a definite breath of fresh air.

The most recent episode of Attack on Titan largely focused on the members of the Survey Corps’ plight as they found themselves stuck in Utgard Castle, while a group of titans attempted to breach the stronghold, according to a Den of Geek report. This particular plot development is quite unique, considering that titans in the anime’s first season have been noted to be dormant at night. The titans’ sudden ability to function adequately and hunt down the Survey Corps soldiers despite the lack of sunlight has not been explained by the anime so far, but the twist has nonetheless been appreciated by numerous fans of the acclaimed animated series.

Viewers in online forums such as Reddit have weighed in on the scenes that were featured in the AOT Season 2 Episode 4 preview, which focused particularly on Reiner’s plight in the upcoming episode. As revealed in the brief teaser, the Survey Corps soldier would be dealing with a titan attack firsthand, without any weapons or equipment whatsoever. Unsurprisingly, this has brought numerous fans in online forums such as Reddit to speculate that the mighty warrior is slated to be killed off in the near future.

Considering Attack on Titan‘s tendency to kill off main characters without any warning, these speculations do have a pretty valid basis. Nevertheless, AOT Season 2 has so far followed the manga closely; thus, there is a pretty good chance that Reiner might not be kicking the bucket anytime soon. Instead, what fans and viewers of the anime might see in Episode 4 is the reveal of the franchise’s next titan shifter.

The new shifter has already been teased since the first previews for Attack on Titan Season 2 were released late December 2016. During that time, numerous fans of the series took notice of a mysterious, small titan that was taking on and destroying other giants around a tall tower. That tower in the preview has now been revealed to be Utgard Castle. Thus, there is an excellent chance that the reveal of the new titan might happen within the next episode.

Needless to say, the next titan shifter would play a significant role in the plot of the second season, considering that AOT Season 2 is covering the manga’s Clash of the Titans arc. While the new titan might not be as physically imposing as the Armored Titan or as dangerous as the Female Titan, its background ties the anime’s present timeline to the central lore of the Attack on Titan franchise. Its debut has been highly anticipated by avid fans of the animated series, and if the Episode 4 preview is any indication, it might very well make its debut next week.

Attack on Titan Season 2 airs every Saturday at 22:00 JST. The anime is also streamed in the West through Funimation and Crunchyroll.

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