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Florida City Passes Ordinance Warning Of Cell Phone, Cancer Link

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Pembroke Pines, FL — The city council has unanimously passed a non-binding resolution warning of the possible risk of cancer from cell phone use.

The resolution, which has no enforcement provisions, was prompted by a brain cancer survivor who apparently attributed his illness to using his wireless device pressed against the side of his head according to the Florida Sun Sentinel:

“In August 2011, surgeons removed a cancerous brain tumor from the area above [Jimmy] Gonzalez’ left ear — the same place where he held his cellphone for hours a day while working as an attorney. Just a year earlier, surgeons removed a tumor from his left hand, in between his index finger and middle finger.”

” ‘One day, it came to me,’ said Gonzalez, ‘maybe there’s something in common with my hand and head.’ “

The text of the resolution is not yet posted to the Pembroke Pines website, but the Sun Sentinel reports that it includes the following provisions:

“The Pines resolution encourages all residents to keep their cellphone at least one-inch away from their bodies, and to use a wired headset or speakerphone and to send messages by text or email. The resolution also encourages residents to stay informed about the latest scientific reports about cellphone radiation.”

Conflicting scientific studies have emerged as to whether cell phones are dangerous, but the World Health Organization and other groups have warned of the possible cancer risk.

Miami’s Channel 10, WPLG, reports that Frank Ortis, the mayor of Pembroke Pines, said that “a lot of scientific data has to be done with it and the ordinance is kind of generic but it makes people aware.”

Do you think a local community should insert itself in the debate over cell phone safety?

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2 Responses to “Florida City Passes Ordinance Warning Of Cell Phone, Cancer Link”

  1. Joel Moskowitz

    Absolutely. Check out the following resources…

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  2. Mo Lerner

    I am very glad to see this topic getting coverage and attention. If you are concerned about phone radiation there is a great app for Android called "tawkon" that measures your phones radiation output and when it spikes you get an alert letting you know you should put it on speakerphone our use a head set.

    Check it out:

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