Jon Stewart criticizes the media over Israel/Hamas

Jon Stewart: Media Are The Losers In The Israel/Hamas Conflict [Video]

On Monday night’s The Daily Show, Jon Stewart took a step away from his rival pundits who are reporting on the latest Israel/Hamas conflict to criticize the media’s handing of the violence as a whole.

Stewart recapped the latest conflict, making an argument that the violence reaches farther back than Operation Pillar of Defense. “So the fighting began last week when Hamas launched hundreds of rockets at Israel which were, I guess, in retaliation for Israel killing the head of Hamas’s military, which some way was actually a retaliation for Hamas holding an Israeli sollier hostage for five years, which might have been, I don’t know, retaliation for Israeli settlement expansion, which was in retaliation from what I’ve heard,”

He then cut himself off: “You know what, let’s go back to when this thing started,” he said, showing the “dawn of man” scene from Stanley Kubrick‘s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

“You really miss the election, don’t you?” he asked the media. “Did anybody lose this [bleep] thing? Did anybody lose? Did anybody actually lose in this bloody conflict that killed over 150 people?”

“So the lesson here is the next time your region descends into a war you have got to be in it to win it,” he concluded.

Here’s the clip: