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Time Magazines Person Of The Year: Kim Jong Un? VoteF**ker App Supports ‘The Glorious Leader’

Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” will likely be Kim Jong Un, and, much like his rule over North Korea, the win will be undeserved and created through backroom channels meant to haphazardly fool everyone.

The People’s Choice Award for “Person of the Year” relies on votes being cast by Time readers via the company’s online portal. Unfortunately, a Weebly account has been setup to pass along a program called VoteF**ker which allows users to pass over voting protocols and cast as many votes as they wish.

The group behind VoteF**ker is not exactly hiding their support of “The Glorious Leader” behind a closed veil, writing on the voting programs download page:

“Click Below to download the latest version of ‘VoteF**ker’

“Support our GLORIOUS LEADER! All source code is located inside of the zip file. compatable with MAC, Linux, and Windows.”

Once downloaded, the program first attempts to use TOR connections to spoof a user’s IP address repeatedly, allowing them to vote many times over for Kim Jong Un. If Tor is not installed, the user’s regular internet connections are utilized.

So far, the plan seems to be working as Kim Jong Un has received 145,077 “definitely” votes and just 50,633 “no way votes.” In comparison Mohamed Morsy, President of the Muslim Brotherhood, has received 193,754 “definitely” votes and 195,794 “no way” votes.

No other person on Time‘s voting list for “Person of the Year” has received nearly 100,000 more “definitely” votes than “no way” votes. Just like Reddit and other popular online voting systems, the ranking of each individual will ultimately be decided by the voting disparity between definitely and no way votes cast for each participant.

Voting closes at 11:59 pm on December 12 with the winner being announced on December 14.

Here is a look at the top 10 voted people so far:

The VoteF**ker program has been spotted several times on 4Chan, and blog posts for the program have slowly revealed themselves only to be shutdown after a short period of time. Despite the fact that this program is not a widely publicized application, the effects of its downloading and use cannot be understated.

Because we know you’re curious, the voter fraud program can be downloaded via a quick Google search for the apps name.

It looks to be a big year for Kim Jong Un, first his “sexiest man alive” praise and now Time’s Person of the Year. If you can’t beat ’em, lie and stumble your way to the top!