Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Leaving 'The Voice'? Inside Their Threats To Walk Away [Featured Image by Trae Patton/NBC Universal]

Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Leaving ‘The Voice’? Inside Their Threats To Walk Away

The Voice is gearing up for some big changes. After taking one season off and being replaced by Gwen Stefani, Miley Cyrus is returning as a coach in Season 13. Will Blake Shelton and Stefani leave the singing competition this year?

Radar Online reports that Stefani doesn’t want to coach alongside Cyrus in the coming season. With Stefani taking another prolonged break from the show, Shelton is seriously considering quitting as well.

“Since Miley is set on coming back to the show next season, Gwen definitely does not want to be on the panel alongside her,” an insider dished. “And, of course, since Gwen does not want to return, now Blake is considering throwing in the towel as well!”

'The Voice' fans blame Miley Cyrus & Gwen Stefani for Season 12 ratings decline
Miley Cyrus and Gwen Stefani [Image by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for Clear Channel]

Cyrus also feuded with Adam Levine last season. Given Levine’s beef with the “Wrecking Ball” singer, he’s considering leaving if Shelton throws in the towel. If that happens, then Season 12 could feature a whole new lineup of coaches.

It isn’t out of the ordinary for coaches to miss a season here and there. A new or former coach comes on the panel just about every year, though Shelton and Levine are the only ones who haven’t taken a break since Season 1. Both of them departing would certainly mark a big change to the show.

Shelton and Stefani have not said anything about their plans for the upcoming season. It is possible that they will both stay, but only if Alicia Keys takes a break. The bottom line is that one of the coaches will need to leave in order to make room for Cyrus, whom NBC has already announced will be returning next season.

Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Faking It On 'The Voice'? Say It Isn't So! [Featured Image by Trae Patton/NBC Universal]
Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani on Season 12 of ‘The Voice.’ [Image by Trae Patton/NBC Universal]

In the meantime, Wet Paint reports that Stefani might put Blake Shelton in the dog house after comments he made in the latest episode of The Voice. The country crooner blamed his girlfriend for a mistake he made on the show and fans were not having it.

The incident happened when Brandon Royal sang “Redemption Song” by Bob Marley. Shelton, unfortunately, did not recognize the tune and decided to tell the world that he’d never heard it before. This prompted Keys to criticize Shelton for not knowing one of Marley’s famous songs.

“I know ‘One Love,'” Shelton said.

Shelton’s excuse wasn’t adequate, and so he tried to blame Stefani for not properly widening his music selection. “I feel like that’s her responsibility,” Shelton said.

According to Fox News, fans immediately took to social media to express their dislike for Shelton’s comments. Some fans told Shelton that it was his responsibility to listen to different types of music, while others noted that “Redemption Song” has been featured on The Voice in the past.

“@blakeshelton #VoiceKnockouts I heard that, don’t try to blame that on Gwen!” one fan wrote. “Hope you’ve listened to Redemption Song like Alicia told you!”

In Season 5, Tessanne Chin sang the song and eventually won it all. It isn’t clear if Shelton zoned out during her performance, but he’s definitely heard the song before. Of course, Chin was on Team Adam, so it’s possible he wasn’t paying attention.

“Blake claimed he’s never heard Redemption Song. REALLY?” one wrote shared on Twitter. “Tessane Chin performed it on Team Adam. Does he even pay attention?”

Shelton hasn’t responded to the criticism, though it is clear that he needs to choose his words a little more wisely in the future. “Blaming the girlfriend damn,” one fan concluded. “@blakeshelton hop you like the couch.”

Fans can watch Shelton and Stefani compete against each other when Season 12 of The Voice continues Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.

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