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‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Scheming Jade Pushes Claire To Make Sex Tape With Theo And Leak It Online

Days of Our Lives has plenty of drama in store with Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan) in pursuit of fame and fortune, and Jade (Danielle Haugh) who is looking for acceptance in all the wrong ways. Claire has aspirations of becoming a famous musician, but she is struggling to get her name out there. Jade doesn’t really fit in with the Salem crowd and seems to want to do just about anything to fit in.

Spoilers about the long-running soap opera are ahead. If you do not want to know what happens next on Days of Our Lives, do not continue reading.

Claire’s First Problem: Keeping Theo’s Interest Knowing Ciara Was His First Choice

Claire wants to keep Theo’s interest [Image by NBC]

Jade seems to be in the business of starting trouble with all the drama that she caused Joey (James Lastovic) recently. She has now set her sights on the younger crowd and has come up with a way to get the attention and acceptance that she seems to crave.

According to the Inquisitr, Theo has always had a crush on Ciara, but Ciara (Vivian Jovanni) always pushed him away. Claire saw her opportunity to snap Theo (Kyle Pettis) up and has never been shy to rub her conquest in her cousin’s face.

Celeb Dirty Laundry reported that Jade will tell Claire that Theo seems to be envious of the increasing bond between Ciara and Wyatt (Scott Shilstone). Days of Our Lives spoilers also indicate that Jade suggests that Claire needs to keep the interest and adventure in her and Theo’s relationship. By adding variety and a little kink, Claire can make sure that Theo stays with her.

Claire’s Second Problem: Her Music Career Is Not Kicking Off

Claire really wants to become a famous musician. Days of Our Lives fans know that she has been trying to get her videos out onto social media, but they have been a resounding failure. All her attempts at rescuing her social media presence has also fallen flat. Claire’s videos have been getting some hits, but they are nowhere near the level that she wants it to be. Claire longs to become a big star, but it seems as if her dream will never come true.

Jade’s Solution To Claire’s Problem: A Sex Tape

Jade feels that a sex tape would be the solution to Claire’s problems. Theo would love the added kink to their love life and if Claire leaked the tape online, she would get an instant social media presence. The tape could be her answer to at least getting her name out there and people could then be exposed to her musical talent.

Celeb Dirty Laundry reported that Jade will then proceed to list the famous stars who made sex tapes and then became famous, people such as Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton.

Days of Our Lives certainly does not have a shortage of sex scandals: first a sex addict and now a possible sex tape!

What Lies Behind Jade’s Actions?

Jade Days of our lives
Jade is a never-ending pit of attention, and here Kayla exposes her plot [Image by NBC]

Why would Jade be trying to convince Claire to make a sex tape? We do know that Jade is super needy, as was mentioned in a previous report by the Inquisitr. She knew that Joey paid more attention to her when she played the damsel in distress and did not heed his warning when he told her to be careful with her pain medication.

Jade doesn’t fit in with the teen crowd, and she could be trying to fit in with them. But, she won’t be accepted as a genuine true friend by giving them bad advice.

Recently we also saw a scene where Wyatt stunned Ciara with how much they apparently had in common. After seeing Ciara, we saw him text someone and thanking them for the information about her. It is possible that Jade supplied the information, but it is also equally possible that Claire is trying to drive Ciara into the arms of another man.

Whether Claire does follow Jade’s advice and makes a sex tape and leaks it online, you’ll need to stay tuned for more Days of Our Lives.

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