Kurt Angle and Seth Rollins

Kurt Angle Names His Favorite Current WWE Stars

Kurt Angle is now the general manager of Monday Night Raw, and most fans are expecting that to lead to him having at least one more match under the WWE banner. But, for now, we have to be satisfied with Angle being the general manager because it’ll probably be quite a while before WWE even thinks about having him wrestle again. Also, Angle must pass a physical exam in order to return to the ring for WWE, and as of this writing, he still hasn’t taken the physical.

So, for now, Kurt Angle has to watch all of the matches as opposed to being in them, and during a recent chat with Washington’s Top News, our Olympic Hero talked about who his favorite current WWE superstars are. He also talked about who he’d want to wrestle if he gets cleared for a return to the ring, and who on the main roster reminds him the most of himself.

WWE News: Kurt Angle Reveals When We Might See Him Wrestle Again
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“Seeing the talent in Cesaro and Kevin Owens, I love the kid. I’m a huge fan of him. What he can do for a guy his size [and] how he’s able to move around the way he does, he defies the laws of gravity. There are a lot of talents that I’d love to wrestle: Dolph Ziggler and Seth Rollins. But as far as reminding me of myself, that [Chad] Gable kid, he’s a little bit undersized, but damn he can go!”

It’s a little surprising to hear Angle mention Dolph Ziggler as someone who he’d want to wrestle if he returns to the ring, simply because Dolph hasn’t exactly been portrayed as a big star over the last several years. However, the two would probably have a fantastic match together.

As for the others — Kevin Owens, Cesaro, and Seth Rollins — most probably won’t be surprised to hear that Angle is a big fan of all three of them and that he does want to get in the ring with at least one of them at some point in the future.

As previously mentioned, Angle hasn’t yet taken WWE’s physical exam, and he doesn’t plan on doing so until towards the end of this year. Also, according to Angle himself, WWE hasn’t even brought up the idea of wrestling to him because, in his opinion, they’re waiting to see how he does as the general manager of Raw, and if he does well, they’ll consider letting him have at least one more match, provided that he passes the company’s physical.

During his recent appearance on Talk is Jericho, Angle said that, despite the fact that he’s had a history with severe neck issues, he believes he’ll be able to pass WWE’s physical.

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If Angle does get cleared, his first opponent may surprise you, as it could end up being The Miz, per the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The Observer has also said that he might end up wrestling Triple H at WrestleMania 34.

Prior to his Hall of Fame induction, Angle said that, while he does want to wrestle again in WWE, him coming back had nothing to do with wrestling again. In fact, he told Corey Graves during an interview on the WWE Network that he’s fine with the Hall of Fame induction even if it doesn’t lead to him getting another match under the WWE banner.

By the time next year’s WrestleMania happens, it’ll have been almost 12 years since Angle last competed in a WWE ring, provided that he doesn’t have a match between now and then. So, it’s definitely something that WWE fans will be chomping at the bit to see, regardless of who his opponent ends up being.

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