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‘Homeland’ Season 7 Updates And Promo: Rupert Friend Talks Why Carrie, Quinn’s Romance Never Developed

Homeland Season 7, already renewed by Showtime, will premiere without one of its beloved characters. Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend), who first made his appearance in Season 2, died in Homeland Season 6 finale.

Five seasons ago, Peter Quinn entered Homeland as a recurring character, and in the just concluded season, he officially became the male lead. But like the previous male lead, Brody (Damian Lewis), Quinn, too, perished, creating a new void.

He was almost killed off in the previous season finale, but Quinn survived the gas poisoning only to die in the final episode of Homeland Season 6. He took the bullets fired by police while speeding President-elect Elizabeth Keane (Elizabeth Marvel) and Carrie (Claire Danes) to safety. The episode, titled “America First,” also saw the arrest of Saul (Mandy Patinkin), and it ended with Carrie staring at the Capitol building after Elizabeth betrayed her.

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Homeland Season 7 might see Carrie returning to intelligence business. [Image by Monica Schipper/Getty Images]

When Homeland returns with Season 7, probably sometime in January 2018, Carrie might be back into the intelligence business and plot the downfall of Elizabeth. In the Season 6 final episode, a paranoid Elizabeth had ushered in a totalitarian regime by going after the officials inside the U.S.-intelligence community with revenge on her mind.

Homeland showrunner Alex Gansa told Variety that after a two year hiatus, it was time for Carrie to return to the intelligence business.

“One thing I can tell you about next season is that we have to get Carrie back into the intelligence business. She’s been out of it for two years. It’s time for her to return. We have to construct some sort of narrative to allow that to happen.”

The Season 6 finale has also “set up the final progression” of Homeland. Gansa hopes to tell one story in the final two seasons, Season 7 and Season 8, according to Deadline. Homeland Season 8 is the final season of the critically-acclaimed series.

Meanwhile, the death of Quinn might not have surprised many, as he was fated to die, but it must have come as a shock to fans who had been hoping to see Carrie and Quinn’s love story. When Brody was sentenced to death and publicly hanged in Homeland Season 3, Quinn emerged as the strong contender to become the new man in Carrie’s life. She, however, never really reciprocated his feelings.

Rupert Friend said that Quinn and Carrie’s romance never developed because they did not have the same moral code. Quinn knew how to take responsibility and had a moral code, but Carrie, on the other hand, had no clue about how to take risk accountability for her actions.

Rupert Friend told Deadline that unlike Quinn, Carrie never questioned her actions or how her actions affected other people.

“… as the seasons developed, you start to see that Quinn’s moral code is actually very different than Carrie’s, as somebody who I believe has a lot of integrity and questions his actions and the effects those actions have on other people. I think that Carrie is less and less doing that and is charging forward blindly without necessarily taking accountability for the consequences of her actions, and I think that those two moral codes are fundamentally incompatible.”

He also said that in Homeland Season 6, Quinn was not interested in “pursuing anything with somebody whose selfishness actually caused his condition.”

Moreover, speaking of his goodbye, Peter Friend told Entertainment Weekly that he was feeling bittersweet about it, adding that he never wanted to overstay his welcome.

“I would rather people are excited by the ideas a character generates in them rather than feeling bored and wishing he would just go away.”

And the actor believes that Peter Quinn is dead for sure, and there is no coming back to life again for the character.

Watch here teaser promo for Homeland Season 7.

Showtime has yet to set a premiere date for Homeland Season 7

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