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Grapefruit Juice Death Risk Increases Due To New Drug Interactions

Grapefruit juice can interact with medications to cause a deadly result, and a new, comprehensive review of the potential interactions indicates the problem is becoming more common.

The grapefruit death risk from drug interactions has been known for a while, but as new medications come to market each year, the possibility of potential deadly events increases.

Incidents involving the beverage are “climbing sharply,” and researchers from Western University say there are now more than 85 oral medications with which grapefruit juice can interact and cause “potentially serious or even fatal results.”

Potentially fatal interactions due to the grapefruit juice death risk are on the upswing in recent years, experts say, due to a number of new drugs on the market.

Between 2008 and 2012, drugs that may fatally interact with grapefruit juice doubled in number, which is likely to have contributed to the increase in drug interaction incidents.

HealthLine explains that while less than a decade ago, grapefruit juice death risk was less common, the potential for it to occur has gotten worse.

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The site quotes lead researcher on the grapefruit juice death risk study, David Bailey:

“Between 2008 and 2012, the number of drugs with the potential to cause the most dangerous interactions, including acute kidney or respiratory failure, GI bleeding, has jumped from 17 to 44, says Bailey, ‘Half of these drugs actually can cause sudden death,’ if taken within hours of drinking grapefruit juice (or eating the fruit.)”

Not all drug interactions involving grapefruit juice — which affects how the body metabolizes certain medications — are potentially lethal. Among the medications cited by the medical publication are “cholesterol-lowering statins, cancer medications, antibiotics, anti-depressants, pain medications, heart drugs.”