April the Giraffe finally gave birth after the long wait to a baby boy.

April The Giraffe Finally Gives Birth, And It’s A Boy!

The moment we have all be waiting on for so many months has come. April the Giraffe has had her brand new baby calf and it is a boy. Everyone has been waiting a long time for this. April the Giraffe was supposed to only be pregnant for 15 months, but she went one month over and finally gave birth live for 1.2 million people to watch. Fans is very happy about this.

This live birth ended the nail-biting and pacing of millions of people in a virtual waiting room. Those who subscribed to the text messages found out about the birth first. People who subscribed to the text messaging and received the first birth announcement had to pay $4.95 for this. However, everyone found out this morning that April the Giraffe had finally given birth on the live feed for all to see. A brand new baby boy calf was born. He weighs 150 pounds and is six-feet tall.

April the Giraffe loves her new baby boy calf.
April the Giraffe finally had her new baby and it’s a boy! [Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

According to CNBC on April 15, April the Giraffe is 15-years-old and this is her fourth calf. The father giraffe, Oliver, is 5-years-old, and this is his first baby. April started going into labor early this morning and she gave birth to the new baby before 10 a.m. EST. She resides at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York, which is 130 miles northwest of New York City.

After the birth, April licked the newborn calf while he slowly picked his head up off the floor of the enclosed pen. The newborn calf stood up on his wobbly legs for the first time while mama helped keep her new calf steady. As the newborn was finally out, the logo at the bottom of the live feed quickly changed from “Toys R Us” to “Babies R Us” to announce the birth of the brand new calf.

The live stream on YouTube was sponsored by Toys R Us, and has been going since February when it was predicted that April the Giraffe would have her new calf. However, she was two months late while everyone who tuned in every day was biting their nails and pacing constantly while trying to be patient. Although everyone was starting to get impatient, they are undoubtedly happy that the birth was announced this morning.

This is the newborn baby that April the Giraffe gave birth to.
April the Giraffe gave birth in front of millions to a brand new baby boy calf. [Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

NPR reports that the zoo plans on holding a naming contest to name the brand new calf. Currently, April the Giraffe has her own website, which you can view here, and her GoFundMe page where they have raised over $100,000 already. The goal was for $50,000 and they surpassed that raising $134,350. The GoFundMe page funds are for the care of April, her calf, and the keepers for them. On her website, you can purchase clothes for babies and adults to also help support April the Giraffe and her calf. This is because April has her own apparel line with pictures of her and logos with her name on them.

According to E! Online, the naming competition has an entry fee. Those who do want a say in the naming process will only have to donate $1 toward their new GoFundMe page they will be setting up for the naming competition. Then, once they get the six names they like, it will be up to social media fans to vote on one of these names. What do you think the calf’s name should be? Sound off with your thoughts on all of this and let us know what you think!

[Featured Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]