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Jesse James Decker Took Time To Get Her Post-Baby Body Back

Jesse James Decker isn’t like most celebrity moms. She wasn’t in a race to get her post-baby body back. In fact, she took her time. The country singer told Self magazine that she didn’t try to drop the weight after having her second child. In an honest interview, Jesse said that she didn’t always make time for the gym or think about what she was eating.

“I relied on being young and my genetics, and I just kind of stayed thin,” Decker said.

Since having kids, her lifestyle has changed for the better. Jesse wanted to establish a healthy lifestyle and diet that her kids could adopt. She wanted to work on her diet and have a regular workout schedule.

“My body looks completely different than it did before kids,” she said.

But it’s all for the better. She said that she feels much more healthy and confident with her body than she did before having kids.

“I feel like I have more energy now and I feel more proud of myself because I had two kids and I know I really accomplished something. Every woman has those days where she nit-picks herself, but I feel like there are not as many as there used to be.”

Decker is the new brand ambassador of the South Beach Diet. She revealed her diet and fitness regimen, and why she wasn’t in a rush to lose weight after giving birth to her son. The changes she made to her lifestyle included being mindful and conscious about what she eats and how she works out.

“I decided to make a change and focus on [eating more] veggies and just eating really clean, and paying attention to nutrition,” she said.

On a typical day, Jesse likes to eat high protein foods. Breakfast varies depending on her day. She hardly has the time to cook or prepare for meals, which is why she partnered with South Beach. The company offers 75 pre-packaged and frozen meals and snacks that allow eating healthy a little easier.

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“If I’m in a hurry, I will have the South Beach Ricotta Muffins,” she said. “Some mornings I’ll just have turkey bacon and scrambled eggs.”

Her favorite meal is Texas chili. Other nights, Decker will have grilled chicken with asparagus. When it to comes to snacking, she’ll opt for celery with almond butter or a South Beach Toffee Nut Bar.

She works outs “a couple times a week” at the gym. Jesse loves lifting weights, doing circuit workouts, and drinking protein. She admits that she didn’t want to lose weight quickly after either of her pregnancies. She said that she hates it when women – especially female celebrities — are expected to do so.

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“I hate those unrealistic goals that people place on women. It’s just not right,” Decker said. “It took us nine months to have our babies and put on this weight. It gained 55 pounds with my daughter, so I get it, it’s tough. But you can’t just pop out a baby and expect to be the size you were before, it just doesn’t work like that. I hate that people make women feel that’s what they have to do. You can get to all that stuff later when it’s right for you.”

She would much rather focus on being healthy on her own timeline. Decker found that her new outlook on her lifestyle has made her happier and much more confident. She is hoping that she can inspire other women to do the same. She’s also in talks for a new television show that’s focused on food, reports People. But for now, Decker is focused on sharing her southern cooking and family meals on her Instagram page.

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