Marshawn Lynch is closing in on an NFL return.

NFL Rumors: Seattle Seahawks Could Stall Marshawn Lynch’s Signing With Oakland Raiders

Marshawn Lynch’s return to the NFL could hit an unexpected snag. The Seattle Seahawks could stand in the way of Lynch signing with the Oakland Raiders. If that were to happen, Marshawn Lynch going to the Raiders might take longer than anticipated.

Although Marshawn Lynch going to the Raiders seems like a sure thing, what does not get talked about much is the fact the Seahawks own the running back’s rights. Lynch was under contract with the Seahawks prior to retiring from football. Since the Seahawks essentially control Lynch’s fate, if they want to ask for compensation from the Oakland Raiders, they can.

Marshawn Lynch has begun the stages for reinstatement with the NFL. According to ESPN, Lynch has not formally signed the paperwork, yet he is in contract negotiations with the Raiders.

There is a report by Fox Sports that a deal has been struck between Marshawn Lynch and the Oakland Raiders. If so, it is a deal that cannot be made official until the Seattle Seahawks cut their ties. In the meantime, several conversations have been had.

It is conceivable to believe that the Seahawks have allowed Lynch to negotiate with the Raiders. Perhaps the Seahawks are of the belief that the Raiders will attempt to offer some form of compensation. Marshawn Lynch to the Oakland Raiders could have various layers to it.

Marshawn Lynch was born and raised in Oakland. And it is the idea of playing for his hometown team that has lured him out of retirement. At only 30-years-old, Lynch has something left in the tank. Given the fact that the Raiders have a need for a featured running back, their interest in Lynch is an obvious one.

With Lynch in the fold, the Raiders could have a team that can threaten the New England Patriots for AFC supremacy. That is because Lynch brings more to a team than his rushing ability.

Marshawn Lynch has a certain edge and swagger to him that he brings to a team. When football fans last saw Lynch prepare for a game on the gridiron, he was helping the Seahawks compete in the 2015 Super Bowl. The aforementioned attributes were on full display in spite of a loss.

When he decided to retire from football, his love for the game was waning and injuries were piling up. Unlike most football players who retire, Lynch appeared to have stayed away from the game doing things other than football.

Retirement has suited him well, as he has taken his penchant for being the best Marshawn Lynch can be and monetized it.

Marshawn Lynch has been active since retiring.
Marshawn Lynch has been visible since retiring from the NFL in 2015. He has completely monetized on his charisma. [Image by Randy Shropshire/Getty Images]

Lynch has done guest appearances, commercials, and television, all the while embracing the role as the anti-hero. Some will remember Lynch for not wanting to speak to the media, others see the charismatic side to him, along with being a leader behind closed doors. It is that side of Marshawn Lynch the Seattle Seahawks would lose for nothing if they allow him to sign with the Oakland Raiders.

If the Seahawks want to add a snag in the contract negotiations between Lynch and the Raiders, they can seek out a draft pick in return for the former Pro Bowl player. It would be similar to the Dallas Cowboys decision to let Tony Romo speak with other teams in an effort to work on a trade. The difference being that Marshawn Lynch is definitive about his interest in returning to football. What simplifies things is that Lynch only wants to play for his hometown team.

Look for this to come to a quick conclusion. First, Marshawn Lynch must file his reinstatement paperwork. That has to happen before any contract between him and the Oakland Raiders can take place. After that, the Seattle Seahawks have to let Lynch go.

Will the Seahawks seek compensation for Marshawn Lynch?

The answer will be revealed soon.

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