Joseph Gordon-Levitt will not return as Batman in "Justice League"

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Batman Rumors Are ‘Entirely False’ According To Rep

Slow down, nerds. Persuasive and fetching though it may have been, this morning’s report that Joseph Gordon-Levitt could potentially return as a new Batman in a cameo for Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel or the planned Justice League film is completely false, according to a representative for the actor.

Last night, HitFix posted an “exclusive” report that Gordon-Levitt was close to reaching a deal with Warner Bros. to either cameo in the upcoming Superman reboot Man of Steel (as Batman) or take the cape and cowl to the upcoming Justice League. Though Gordon-Levitt has expressed some openness to continuing the Bat-franchise in the past, this report conflicts with others, notably one that has Armie Hammer under consideration for Bruce Wayne/Batman.

There’s also the whole “reverse-Avengers” formula that DC may adopt for Justice League. No matter what internet comments say, Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern will almost certainly not be in the Justice League movie because Green Lantern was awful. Christian Bale’s throat cancer-ridden Batman exists in his own vacuum, and word is that Henry Cavill’s Superman is the same. The Dark Knight Trilogy and a potential Man of Steel Trilogy can be considered companion works, but exist in their own continuities and are not likely to link-up to Justice League.

So DC might just jump in with Justice League and then spin the new versions of the characters into their own franchises, hence, “reverse-Avengers.”

In any case, Joseph Gordon-Levitt wouldn’t make any sense in Justice League unless they cast him as Bruce Wayne instead of last-minute-twist Robin. And his representatives completely denied the rumor anyway. EW tugged on the tin can string to find out what Gordon-Levitt’s reps had to say about the rumor. “Entirely false” was the response.

Oh well. It was an interesting rumor. And honestly, I think all of this Gordon-Levitt speculation stems from the fact that as an audience, we have no idea what to do with his Dark Knight Rises character.