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Jacqueline Laurita: ‘RHONJ’ Stars Talks About Next Season

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jacqueline Laurita says she joined the cast of a reality show for what many would consider an obvious reason – for the money. During an interview with Radar Online Laurita noted that the money and the fame were enough of a draw to put up with another season of yelling, name-calling, and sitting on a reunion show couch with Teresa Giudice.

Bravo allegedly pays some Real Housewives cast member six figures per season. During the interview with Radar Online pal Tom Murro, the Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member had this to say:

“Several things made me stay, contracts, fame, and the money of course. I know my son will get so much help and support from others. And as much as much as it helps us, we can help others in a big way. We can use the platform to raise awareness and do so much good.”

The desire to bring attention to Autism also appeared to be among the deciding factors when it came time to ink and contract for a stint on the hit Bravo reality show. Jacqueline’s son, Nicholas, was recently diagnosed with Autism. Laurita wants to use her blog to share Autism information from experts and answer fans questions about the condition, according to Examiner.

Rumors abounded online about a possible Teresa Giudice family reality show spin-off from RHONJ. Although the prospect of an entire hour of the Giudice clan may be an exciting prospect for some fans, no concrete details about such a show have yet surfaced. Giudice and Laurita were initially close friends and allies, but the relationship appears to have disintegrated after several drama-filled seasons and heated reunion show encounters.