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Parents Name Their Newborn Daughter ‘Hashtag’

Newborn baby and Momma

There have been a rash of strange baby names hitting the media these days. Parents, mostly celebrities (and we know they are all a little strange), have come up with India, Brooklyn, D’Brickashaw, Apple, Falcon and Blue Ivy. Now there is another strange name to prove that the parents spent way too much time sitting around and surfing the net. A set of parents named their child Hashtag. This is equal in absurdity only to the Egyptian parents who named their child Facebook in honor of the role the Social Network played in bringing about the Arab Spring Protests that toppled dictator Hosni Mubarak.

Baby Hashtag popped into this world on Saturday around 10 p.m., a precious little girl weighing 8 pounds and possessing at least seven pictures — the full extent of what the only identifying picture shows.

Hashtag will likely grow up to be a happy, healthy, beautiful adult woman, but might be subject to quite a few beatings in the playground for her unusual name.

It is still important to wish the parents well and hope that one day baby Hashtag will be able to turn her odd name into a marketing gimmick or at least pass some interesting stories along to her own little Hashtags.

How do you feel about parents who name their children ridiculous names? Do you think it is cute and orginal or a strange cry for help?

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5 Responses to “Parents Name Their Newborn Daughter ‘Hashtag’”

  1. Melissa Harris

    unique names I don't have a problem with. my cousin named her son Cayrem. that I have no issue with. but there is a l point at which unique names become annoying and a potential for bei made fun.

  2. Gary S. Hart

    We considered our children's future input when naming them. "If the child could voice their opinion, would it be yea or nay?"

  3. Miranda MacKay

    I feel sorry for that poor little girl and hope her parents got the money for the name changed when she gets old enough and fed up enough with it.

  4. Jennifer Willis

    That's sooo unfair! So many beautiful names in the world and they chose THAT?

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