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Angus T. Jones Not Appearing In Next ‘Two And A Half Men’ Episodes

Angus T. Jones will not be appearing in the next Two and a Half Men episodes. The comedy series has only two episodes left before it goes on a hiatus for the holiday. The 19-year-old actor was reportedly not scheduled to appear in the episodes. The Forerunner Christian Church video was allegedly not a factor in his absence from the final two shows before break.

Sources speaking with The Hollywood Reporter claim that Two and a Half Men producers have yet to address the issue of the “filth” rant video with Angus. Jones’ character, Jake, is in the Army and therefore does not appear in every episode of the show. The source claims that his absence in the next two episodes is purely coincidental.

Angus T. Jones was one of the original characters on Two and a Half Men. He began appearing in on the series when he was 9-years-old. The Forerunner Chronicles video went viral on Monday. The church is reportedly linked to the Seventh-Day Adventist movement. Jones allegedly started attending the Los Angeles church earlier this year.

The teen actor has reportedly voices his desire to leave Two and a Half Men after the show’s current season so he can attend college. Angus has this to say about his role in the sitcom during an October interview with E! Online:

“My character does Skype calls. He only does one-scene Skype calls. It’s easy, but it’s boring.”

Angus reportedly earns approximately $350 per episode. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Carey Jones, the actor’s mother, is concerned that the church is taking advantage of her son.