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Bigfoot Is Real And Part Human, Claims New DNA Study


A new DNA study claims that the mythical Bigfoot is not only real but it’s also a close relative to humans.

A company called DNA Diagnostics released a press release this week detailing the work down by Texas veterinarian Melba S. Ketchum. The release states that Ketchum did extensive DNA research and found that Bigfoot is a human relative from about 15,000 years ago.

The release reads:

“A team of scientists can verify that their five-year long DNA study, currently under peer-review, confirms the existence of a novel hominin hybrid species, commonly called ‘Bigfoot’ or ‘Sasquatch,’ living in North America … Researchers’ extensive DNA sequencing suggests that the legendary Sasquatch is a human relative that arose approximately 15,000 years ago.”

Discovery reports that the alleged study was done on three “whole nuclear genomes from purported Sasquatch samples.”

The statement reads:

“Our data indicate that the North American Sasquatch is a hybrid species, the result of males of an unknown hominin species crossing with female Homo sapiens.”

So there you have it. Bigfoot is real and is part human. Well, not so fast. Ketchum’s study hasn’t appeared in any peer-reviewed scientific journal yet and for the moment is just another claim about the legendary creature.

There are a few possibilities to how Ketchum reached her conclusion. One, she’s a flat out liar. Two, the samples she used (possibly from a bear) were contaminated with human DNA. And three, Ketchem has actually found scientific proof that Bigfoot exists.

What do you think? Will Ketchum’s DNA study be confirmed? Does Bigfoot exist?

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6 Responses to “Bigfoot Is Real And Part Human, Claims New DNA Study”

  1. Charles Bootjer

    In support of the validity of the results thus far obtained by the Sasquatch Genome Project, Dr. Ketchum has recently received 2 communications from Biochemist, David H. Swenson, Ph.D, of Green Resources Redux, Inc. regarding his review of the article, Novel North American Hominins. He is well qualified to make comments on Genomics, and seemed to be favorably impressed by the Project and its findings. He supports the theories and conclusions of Dr. Ketchum. Here are the unsolicited communications she has received from him.

    From David H. Swenson, Ph.D.:

    "Brien Foerster, Jeff Kart, and other interested parties. I went over the manuscript by Melba Ketchum on Bigfoot genomics.”.
    “My desktop had difficulty with a blast analysis of the consensus sequences.”.
    “It helped me understand more about the project.”.
    “ This collaborative venture has done a huge project that taxes me to fully grasp.”.
    “I see interesting homology with a standard human sequence with 99% match for mitochondria.”.
    “From my abbreviated study, the nuclear genome seems to have human and nonhuman sequences."
    "My opinion of the creature is that it is a hybrid of a human mother and an unknown hominid male, Just as reported.”.
    “For all practical purposes, it should be treated as human and protected under law."

    "Brien, selection of Melba's lab for your studies is a very good call."

    "Sasquatch is real, as proven by genetic analysis."
    David H. Swenson, Ph.D

    A few days later, after he had more time to study the data, using his computer that has software to assist in the process, he made the following additional comments, that he sent to Dr. Ketchum

    David H. Swenson, Ph.D
    "I did more blast analyses and came up with the same confusion the independent labs had.”.
    “ The genome has some good human matches and some unknowns."
    "The sequences are not contaminated, near as I can tell."
    "I have not searched for open reading frames, but that is beyond the scope of my tools."
    "The close matches are gapped with sequences that match nothing.”.
    “AMEL and MY genes match humans in some cases, in others, not."
    "If I am wrong, I would like to be shown with data, not uninformed opinion from experts".
    David H. Swenson, Ph.D.

    It appears that this is the first vindication of the Ketchum Study from a Ph.D Biologist.
    I am rather sure that there will be many more to come.

    The mere fact that David H. Swenson, Ph.D. stated, without any reservation, that "Sasquatch is real, as proven by genetic analysis." goes a long way to put an end to the controversy about the validity of the results obtained by the Sasquatch Genome Project.

    Now that the University of Texas DNA Laboratory has sequenced no less than three complete Nuclear Genomes, it will be impossible for anyone to say truthfully that there is no evidence to prove the existence of Bigfoot. I do not think that anyone will dispute the work done by the DNA Laboratory at the University of Texas at Dallas. Their results are very unambiguous.
    It is HARD evidence. It will stand the test of time, and analysis by many other DNA Experts.

  2. Charles Bootjer

    Charles Bootjer •.

    I have noted that there has been little reporting of the fact that Sasquatch now has a bona fide Species name.
    Dr. Melba Ketchum and her esteemed colleagues with the Sasquatch Genome Project have the distinct honor of naming the first living relative of mankind that shares our planet. All other species have become extinct. As evidenced by an enormous number of eyewitness sightings throughout the lower 48 states, Alaska, and all of the Canadian Provinces, sometimes by Biologists or Law Enforcement Officers, Sasquatch, now properly known as Homo sapiens cognatus, is quite obviously extant in North America.
    The ZooBank Data is:

    Homo sapiens cognatus Ketchum in Ketchum, Wojtkiewicz, Watts,
    Spence, Holzenburg, Tolar, Prychitko, Zhang, Bollinger, Shoulders.
    & Smith, 2013.

    Rank: Subspecies

    Parent: Homo Sapiens
    Linnaeus, 1758

    Specific Name: cognatus

    Authorship: Ketchum

    Publication: Ketchum, Melba, Patrick Wojtkiewicz, Aliece Watts, David Spence, Andreas Holzenburg, Douglas Tolar, Thomas Prychitko, Fan Zhang, Sarah Bollinger, Ray Shoulders & Ryan Smith. 2013

    Novel North American Hominins, Next Generation Sequencing of Three Whole Genomes and Associated Studies.

    Denovo, Accelerating Science 1(1, Supplemental).

    The Team listed above under "Publication", includes the following experts:
    led by Dr. Melba S. Ketchum, of DNA Diagnostics in Nacogdoches, TX:

    Dr. Pat Wojtkiecicz, Director of the North Louisiana Criminalistics Laboratory;.

    Dr. Douglas G. Toler of Huguley Pathology Consultants in Fort Worth, TX;.

    Dr. Fan Zhang of the University of North Texas Health Science Center;.

    Dr. Andreas K. Holzenburg, Director of the Microscopy & Imaging Center at Texas A&M University;.

    Dr. Thomas M. Prychitko of Helix Biological Laboratory in Michigan;.

    Ms. Aliece Watts of Integrated Forensic Laboratories in Euless, TX;.

    Mr. David Spence, Trace Evidence Supervisor at Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences;.

    and Sarah Bollinger, Ray Shoulders, and Ryan Smith of DNA Diagnostics.

    In my personal opinion, I believe that the next time you may see this list of highly.
    distinguished scientists may well be on the nomination for the Nobel Prize.
    I think that it is richly deserved.

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