Light Therapy Bus Stop

Bus Stop Integrates Light Therapy Treatments

The Swedish town of Umea has found a unique and special way to provide ultra-violet light therapy to its residents during the long, dark Nordic winter. Bus stops have been integrated with ultra-violet lights so bus riders can receive much needed vitamin D while they wait for a ride.

Umea Energi marketing chief Anna Norrgard tells Reuters:

“This is so people can get a little energy kick as they are waiting.”

The ultra-violet stations have been installed at 30 bus stop and will be tested over the next three weeks.

The company that installed the stations wants customers to know that any harmful rays have been filtered out of the lights to ensure the safety of their customers.

Installing the light therapy stations came about because Umea only receives sunlight from 8 am local time to 3 pm each day during its dark winter period. Citizens are also often plunged in with lots of snow.

If the light therapy bus stops are a success, they could be used in other areas; for example ,some towns north of the Arctic circle receive no daylight for several weeks during the winter months.

Umea is located approximately 375 miles north of Stockholm, Sweden.

If nothing else, the stations could make for a great way to catch up on some light reading as you wait for a bus thanks to the lighted setup.

Based on the photo show above (provided by Umea energy), some people are more than willing to take advantage of the newly installed bus stop light therapy system. Would you be willing to receive light-therapy from a bus stop?