Fake Target Employees Prank Black Friday Shoppers

Fake Target Employees Prank Black Friday Shoppers [Video]

Fake Target employees prank shoppers during the Black Friday sales. Two pranksters from Prank vs. Prank were able to don Target’s signature red polo shirts and fool Target shoppers into thinking they were worked for the retail giant. Managers for Target may want to consider making employee identification more obvious than a simple red shirt.

The Black Friday shoppers were not always convinced by the fake Target employees’ promises of free goods and illicit backroom deals. But as you can see by the watching the video they certainly succeeded in adding a little more chaos to an already hectic shopping season. Considering the stress of Black Friday shopping these guys from Prank vs. Prank were probably lucky they did not end up like the red shirts from Star Trek.

Maybe next Black Friday, Target can require that all employees show up in something more conspicuous to prevent customer confusion. A specialized name tag might be enough as long as it’s distinct, although a special holiday shopping hat might make them stand out from the crowd.

These types of shenanigans were probably possible due to the huge numbers of people showing up for Black Friday shopping this year. Brick-and-mortar retail shopping tipped $1 billion US dollars this year and online shopping for Cyber Monday and Black November sales are expected to between $1.5 and $2. billion. The huge crowds make it difficult for employees to track everything that is happening in the store.

Some Target stores were so busy that armed robbers tied up three employees in the cash room and walked out with the money long before any of the other staff at Target knew what was going on. One heckler spent his evening calling Black Friday shoppers brain dead, materialistic morons. Let us hope that next Black Friday avoids the dark side and only sees pranks like the fake Target employees: