Chinese sex tape

Lei Zhengfu Sex Tape Allegedly Shows Chinese Official With A Young Woman

Lei Zhengfu was fired from his position as a Chinese district party secretary after a sex tape with an 18-year-old woman filmed 5 years ago went viral. The woman was allegedly hired to have sex with the Chinese city official in the town formerly led by Bo Xilai.

A whistleblower former journalist claims he may release similar sex tapes with more city officials soon, according to Yahoo News. The Zhengfu sex video was reportedly used in an extortion attempt. The sex video went viral earlier this month.

Chongqing is reportedly still recovering from the Bo Xilai scandal. The ruling party’s reputation has allegedly taken a very public hit. State media journalists and prosecutors maintain that Chongqing was rife with cover-ups, corruption, and abuses of power, according to the Associated Press. Xilai’s wife was convicted of killing a British businessman and Bo is currently facing allegations of obstruction of justice and corruption in relation to the murder case.

The Lei Xangfu sex tape was leaked at the same time as the new city leadership was attempting to increase anti-corruption efforts to thwart graft and bribery cases. Screenshots of the sex tape were posted online by Zhu Ruifeng, a former journalist based in Beijing. Ruifeng uploaded the video shots to his website that reportedly serves as an independent clearinghouse for corruption allegations.

The screenshots taken from the Lei Xangfu sex video allegedly show the Chinese official having sex with a young woman, whose face is not visible in any of the screen grabs. The video was reportedly taken secretly from a bedside table. The woman was supposedly hired by a construction company that was seeking approval on some work contracts. Ruifeng claims he received the video from a source inside the Chongqing Public Security Bureau.