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Mallory Owens Released From Hospital After Anti-Gay Thanksgiving Attack

mallory owens travis hawkins

Mallory Owens, whose Thanksgiving attack (allegedly at the hands of her girlfriend’s brother Travis Hawkins) became a social media rallying point to decry violence against gay and lesbian youth, has been released from the hospital — but her mother feels the incident warrants more serious charges against Hawkins.

Mallory Owens, 23, was allegedly attacked by Travis Hawkins, 18, on Thursday — and the violent beating was reportedly not the first time the teen boy has lashed out at the woman for dating his sister. According to Mallory Owens’ mother, Kristi Taylor, Hawkins previously came after her daughter and physically harmed her — and Taylor wants charges upgraded from assault to attempted murder.

Speaking to a local news source, Taylor fumes:

“Oh, yes, I know they don’t approve of [Owens’ relationship with Hawkins’ sister.] This isn’t the first time he has attacked Mallory. This is the second time. The first time he attacked her with a pipe and hit her in the back of the head and on the back a few times. People stepped in to help then.”

Many in the blogosphere have also pushed for the attack on Mallory Owens to be classed as a “hate crime” and punished accordingly. Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich explained that as of now, Hawkins is being charged with second-degree assault because no deadly weapon was used in the beating.

mallory owens thanksgiving attack

Rich also addresses the “hate crime” issue, saying:

“Courts have said a fist is not considered a deadly weapon. So, therefore, it has to be assault second-degree charges, … Some people say the motive has been a hate crime. We have not been able to confirm that at this point. But that is part of the ongoing investigation.”

Rich added that gay men and lesbians are specifically not covered by hate crime legislation in Alabama, where the attack occurred:

“A hate crime as defined by law in the State of Alabama does not cover gay and lesbian rights. So that would be a federal charge that would need to be brought against the defendant and that would be the U.S. attorney’s office.”

A lawyer for Travis Hawkins said that Mallory Owens’ side of the story has been used by LGBT groups for sympathy, and that it lacks certain exculpatory elements that do not paint the victim as totally innocent.

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15 Responses to “Mallory Owens Released From Hospital After Anti-Gay Thanksgiving Attack”

  1. Aimee Rhoden

    Absolutely! If u look on my wall, there's a link to change,org's petition to the local prosecutor in the case. Hope u r well and getting excited for your upcoming trip!!! Xo

  2. William Shawl

    Well…I've got an idea….release that little shit and give him a round trip ticket to Hawaii. That's is were I live. I will meet him at the airport, give him the ass kicking of a life time and I'll put him back on the plane. He's not a man if he likes to hit women. He'd also better be on the look out in jail, because there's always somebody there bigger than him and they love little boys…..Aloha.

  3. Rhonda Hall

    He is SUCH a coward.. NO REAL man would beat on a women, much less as bad as he did… Why didn't his family stop that, especially the girlfriend… I think if I was Mallory's mom I'd go ahead and start a Civil case against the parents since it was at their home her injures accorded.. Their homeowners insurance could pay for her Hospital and damages.. THANK GOD SHE IS STILL ALIVE..

  4. Lorissa Sickmiller Meyer

    how horrible! & Alabama doesn't cover gays/lesbians in hate crime legislation? how many other states don't either? & they are saying that it lacks certain exculpatory elements that do not paint the victim as totally innocent… so what, she deserved it? even if she hit him first & he was defending himself (if that's their angle), I think it is obvious he got the upper hand & dominated rather easily… just look at her picture vs. his

  5. Kennesha Mills

    This is messed up. Smh. Why people think they have the right to control others lives, why people cannot mind their own business (especially if they are not going to help them)? God bless her and her family during their difficult time.

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