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Walt Disney World Is Finally Getting Its Own Version Of Club 33: Locations Open In All Four Parks

One of the most exclusive and hard-to-get-into clubs in all of Disneyland is going to be making its way to Walt Disney World. Club 33 is officially coming to Orlando sometime in the future, and it will give guests the chance to finally be a part of the exclusive action. There are not a lot of details yet revealed, but it is known that this will finally be happening, and after more than 45 years, Club 33 is heading to the Florida project.

According to the Laughing Place, Walt Disney World will present its own version of the extremely iconic Club 33 later this fall. The club was founded by Walt Disney himself and focused on the worldly adventures taken by him and his wife Lillian

The Disneyland Resort in California was the first to have a Club 33, but other versions have popped up in Shanghai Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland as well. Many have wondered if Walt Disney World would ever have their own, and finally, it is happening.

As of now, Disney has not actually released any sort of public or official word on Club 33 arriving in Orlando, but there is still proof to be found. Guests interested in joining can email to get details and information. You won’t receive a lot of information at this time, but you will get confirmation.

Anyone emailing that address looking for info will receive this in response.

“Thank you for your interest in Club 33 coming soon to the Walt Disney World® Resort. We’re busy finalizing plans on this exciting new opportunity, and look forward to sharing more information later this year.”

The report states that Walt Disney’s World’s four major theme parks will each have a Club 33 location. Guests with membership will be allowed entry and enjoyment of the luxurious guest service at the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Membership to Club 33 in Walt Disney World will be exclusive to that location, though, and it will not allow access to others around the world. If you end up as a member in Orlando, you won’t be able to use that membership to enter in California or Tokyo or Shanghai.

Further details will be revealed later this fall as the email response from Disney informs, but some may wonder just what may come with the membership.

Club 33 at the Disneyland Resort in California has an initial membership fee of $50,000 and that does not include annual dues of $15,000. It isn’t just as simple as paying the fee and joining, though, as there is a wait list that is said to extend for years and years.

There is no set opening date or membership fee information, and it’s unclear where the exclusive locations will be located in the four Walt Disney World parks. Of course, any information coming out now is subject to change until Disney makes an official and public announcement of some kind.

There is one thing that guests can be sure of is that membership spots are likely going to fill up very fast, even with the hefty price tag. A Club 33 in Orlando is something that many have been waiting to see for a long time, and it is finally on its way.

Club 33 has long been the overly exclusive club in Disneyland for a very long time, and it has made its way to other Disney parks around the world. Walt Disney World is a place that guests long hoped would finally get the over-the-top club to enjoy the luxury and wonder of the company’s history. The chance is finally coming, and Disney fans really cannot wait to hear more on the new Club 33 locations coming in the future.

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