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Christopher Vaughn Gets Four Life Sentences For Murdering Family

Christopher Vaughn was sentenced to four life terms for the murder of his family. Vaughn was convicted for killing his wife and three children. He was sentenced to the four life terms on Tuesday, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

Will County Judge Daniel Rozak stated that he found it “very frustrating” that his options for sentencing are limited. Illinois no longer has the death penalty. Christopher Vaughn declined the opportunity to speak during his sentencing hearing.

Kimberly Vaughn’s mother, Susan Phillips, referred to her daughter’s murderer as a “selfish coward” who destroyed the “best thing” he ever had, when it was her turn to speak at the hearing. Vaughn was convicted for the 2007 shooting deaths of his wife and children. The family was killed inside the family’s SUV and what was described as a trip to a water park in Springfield, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Jennifer Ledbetter, Kimberly’s twin sister had this to say during the murder conviction sentencing:

“Kim and I were supposed to grow old together.”

Judge Rozak has previously rejected the defense attorney’s argument that Vaughn had not received a fair trial. Attorney George Lenard reportedly felt his client was hampered by the fact that former Bolingbrook law enforcement officer Drew Peterson was on trial in an adjacent courtroom. Lenard argued that his credibility was undermined because of the supposed obnoxious behavior surrounding Peterson’s trial.

The Chicago judge noted that Christopher Vaughn’s defense attorney looked good by comparison. Rozak also noted that Lenard looked like the “second coming of Clarence Darrow” when compared to the Peterson proceedings.