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Two Shot At Funeral Of Chicago Gang Member

Two people were shot at the funeral of a gang member

Chicago, IL — Two men were shot, one fatally, at the funeral of a reputed Chicago gang member.

Panic and chaos ensued as hundreds of mourners scattered from the church.

Police said one man was killed and another injured during the shooting at St. Columbianus Church. Police identified both victims as members of the Gangster Disciples and convicted felons.

The Gangster Disciples make up more than a quarter of Chicago’s 470 homicide victims. Nearly 60 percent of this years’s homicide victims were gang members.

Police were still investigating who was behind the church shooting, but investigators said the neighborhood had been plagued by conflict between the Gangster Disciples and the Black Disciples.

Prior to the shooting, police Superintendent Garry McCarthy had been discussing the department’s crime-fighting strategies in lowering the city’s violence rate earlier this year, when the number of homicides soared.

Rev. Corey Brooks, who officiated the service for 32-year-James Holman — no relation to the author of this article — said a church would have been off-limits to gang members at one time.

“Now we are living at a day and time where these younger criminals have no regard for life or for street rules,” he said.

Holman, a Gangster Disciple, was shot last week at an apartment building in the Washington Park neighborhood of Chicago.

A spokesman for the Cook County medical examiner’s office identified one of the men as 21-year-old Sherman Miller. He was pronounced dead at Stroger Hospital.

The other victim, a 26-year-old who has yet to be identified, was shot in the back and listed in “extremely critical condition.”

Two guns were recovered, one down the block from the church, and another on one of the victims.

Brooks had just finished the eulogy and Holman’s family and friends had just left the church when the gunmen began shooting.

“That’s when all the gunfire broke out and it was just crazy,” Brooks said. “People were hollering and screaming and kids running everywhere.”

Charles Childs, a co-owner of the A.A. Rayner and Sons Funeral Home across from the church said he saw the gunman firing his weapon as he came down the church’s front steps.

“No place is safe,” he said. “It’s just despicable.”

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114 Responses to “Two Shot At Funeral Of Chicago Gang Member”

  1. Wayne Moore

    think about it–if you going to shoot somebody that's the best place to do it–just dig a hole and bury them–its cuts out the middle man.

  2. Lawrence Baruzzini

    he said it was despiables? No it wasnt, it was disciples, And if I was the ganster desciples I would get some guns, so as they could huh maybe shoot back.they be makeing it too easy for black kill them.See here in wisconsin, if we want to kill something we go deer hunting or good will hunting as they call it here LOL.

  3. Nancy Rutledge

    Everyone was so quick to make a joke out of it that they didn't think about the "innocent" employees who work at the funeral home, not to mention the people attending the funeral. I'm would think that everyone who attended the funeral was not a member of a gang. I can't imagine the fear that the employees of the funeral home had that were working the funeral.

  4. Toyin Godson Isij

    I question why any parent have their children living in Chicago…this is embarrassing to the black community. I don't get why African Americans take pride in violence, then blame everyone else for their problems. I came from Africa 10 years ago and I am already economically better off than majority of them. Shameful

  5. Aokki Oshiro

    respect for the funeral, the dead in general…..sometimes its not the entire family that is gang associated you know…its a single bad apple in the family…..imagine if you had a son that went teh wrong path and you are just trying to bury him and then some fool he was enemies went came and shot up the funeral putting you and the rest of your family in danger…..respect is still necessary

  6. Beverly Cherry Pope

    you may as well be just like them, you think this is funny? if it were your family your son daughter or brother would you be as pathetic as you are commenting or would you want some respect for your own? i have a feeling it would be the 2nd. disgusting straight up!

  7. Brenda Mouton-Peters

    This is the ONLY time that I am ashame of my race…how dumb can you be? How much self-hatred do you have to do something like this or take another person's life? These idiots are freinds of the KKK, Nazi and Skin Head groups all over the world…they are destroying their own people and they think its COOL. Its time for Farakahan to step in-its obvoius to me nothing else works for the Black man…

  8. Brenda Mouton-Peters

    You idiot this is not about how great your're African and you hate Black Americans just as much as white go figure out why the you're African counterparts are killing each other hint…why is your country so depraved and straving…so don't come here with your zealous, I'm doing better..I don't like what's happening, but I don't like you're ego either…

  9. Henry Gaines

    Good, if they keep this up they will kill themself off and we can have our streets back.Can't wait for all these dummies to kill themself off."CAN't WAIT." LMFAO.

  10. Toyin Godson Isij

    Your IQ is about as high as a collection of igneous rocks. First of all, no one "hate" black Americans…so don't use that as an excuse to be useless. Africa is poor compared to the United States, it is understandable why people fight for resources there. What are you killing each other for here? No one knows, you have affordable schools, free food, free college and every opportunity every African is dying to have yet you don't take advantage of any of them. Instead you're more known as thieves, murderers and every thing wrong with America. Instead of always finding fault with others, maybe you need to stop taking it personally and take it as a challenge for the better. Everyone wants the best for you but yourselves but once people talk about it, you cry racism or hate.

  11. Colby James

    hmm dam white people shooting each other at funerals…. oops I misread it.

  12. Anonymous

    I was just enraged to see the title now I understand why 2 were killed at a "gang" funeral.

  13. Joe Stewart

    What the man from Atlanta said is true. I just wish we had more like him here and all of the thuggy blacks would go back to Africa.

  14. Joe Stewart

    Farakahan and Reverend Wright and a bunch more of these cruds is what's wrong with a lot of the black people in this world.

  15. Henry Gaines

    Alice these guys are killer not child molesters.Where did that come from?

  16. Alliyah Rios

    Sandra , you don't have a clue as to what they are talking about obviously, all black people arent gang members nor thugs, a funeral is just that a funeral, families are entitled to bury their families too even if they are gang members do you think they decided to raise their kids to grow up and be gang members no we raise our kids to grow up and become productive citizens just like everyone else and if they choose a different path in life we do not agree with them but they are still our family and we still love them like everyone else does. We dont accuse the parents of white kids who go and kill everyone sitting in a movie theater watching a movie or go crazy and make a bomb in the parents basement and they have no clue what they are doing in their own home , we respect the parents because they have lost a family member and we shouldnt have to ask for the same as for you Henry Gaines we will not kill ourselves off so you can have the country to yourselves so dont count on it I feel sorry for your children if this is the kind of hate you teach them, HATE EQUAL STUPIDITY

  17. Henry Gaines

    Alliyah Rios And stupidity is stupidity enough said.But you do make a good point,that I agree with.Oh you'll kill each other off alright!you guys don't know what your doing in the first place.If I was them,I would go back to school.

  18. Brotherap OnGo

    Of course there are no rules that young gangsters respect anymore. You threw the top leader of the GDs in the underground Alcatraz, the Federal Supermax, in Florence, Colorado. It appears that your only justification for placing him at the same level status as the shoe and underwear bombers is that too many Chicago politicians were making their way down to Meynard Correctional Facility in southern Illinois. Chop off the head, Larry Hoover, and now you've got perennial chaos and total disrespect for the rules of the street.

  19. Maria Zoske

    Well, Jesse Jackass, Al Sharptongue and the libernazi media can't blame the white man for this. Glad this doesn't happen in my working class neighborhood/church.

  20. Gail Moore

    Gang members kill each other and anyone else who gets in the way. Why is anyone surprised by this? Attending the public services for a gang member is putting your life on the line. Common sense dictates that these funerals be private and unpublicized.

  21. Anonymous

    Those Chicago Blacks are still blaming slavery for all their troubles.

  22. Anonymous

    Can't we just ship all these criminals off to an island somewhere let them duke it out there. Like the French did with their criminals no guards just let them make it on their own. But the ACLU would go bonkers over that idea LOL.

  23. Mamie Merritt

    Why haven"t declared Marshall Law in Chicago? No one can live safe in that town, bring in the National Guard and start treating the gangs like criminals.

  24. Rebecca Maher

    Spoken like a true red collar republican…just let the blood spill huh?

  25. Fupt Duck

    Black on black violence, don't count on seeing sharpton or jackson. As far as they are concerned a black life only has value when it is taken by a non-black.

  26. Mike Merritt

    I'd like to be able to say as many have, that its best to just as well if Chicago just lets the gangs kill themselves off…I'd like to be able to say that, but I can't…There are just too many innocent people or mostly innocent people who will suffer if gangs go at it, full bore. Chicago has seen this before in the 1920's and while the mayor then was no example of how to stop the killing, neither is Rahm…This trash talking about bullet taxes and more gun control just does nothing to help the situation…Force must be met with FORCE and if the Chicago mayor can't see he needs the help of the National Gaurd then he is the idiot everyone says he appears to be…I've worked in the worst parts of Chicago with some of the best people I've ever met and they kept me safe, by not letting me go to this place or that place alone, getting me off the streets before this time or just plain don't go down that street, ever….There are good people there who don't deserve to live in fear of their lives because the Mayor is a wimp….Get to work….

  27. Sandra Epps

    All Countries have Gangs in one form or the other there are people in the USA who fight to take care of there families as well… I think the African Gentlemen needs to do more research before he speaks> Not saying what's done is right in the USA or Africa ,,,,

  28. Janet Fields

    I left Chicago 30 years ago because I did'nt feel safe there anymore , My daughter went St Columbainus as a child. It was a very nice area at one time, it gone to the dogs now, I would not even visit there now.

  29. Janet Fields

    I see you came to this Country to better yourself , if Africa was so great you should have stayed there.

  30. Toyin Godson Isij

    I agree Janet, I just hope black Americans see what I see…they have so many opportunities as long as they're willing to work for it. You can work as hard as you want in Africa, if you don't have the right connection all is in vain.

  31. Cleve Elam

    your right about most of what you say.. but it takes a little more than 10 yrs in America to understand the plight of African Americans raised in a inner city system.. as much as you think they have all the advantages as all Americans its simply not true although they may have more advantages then you there is still a serious struggle!! i just hope as your doing better than most you do more helping than judging this young black men.. have you mentored any lately i hope so… remember your Black before you get pulled over and some officer reminds you!!!

  32. Anonymous

    Toyin Godson Isij tell them my brother…I came to the U.S as refugee through the United Nation from west africa. My entire extended family and I were one of the lucky few to come to this great nation of opportunity. All my cousins that came before me were able to go to Harvard, Brown, Northeastern and other great colleges. I came to this country at the age of eleven, with very little english and little education. Now I am a junior at Connecticut College, one of the best liberal art college in the country. All the african american kids in my neighborhood that once called me names, laugh at me, consider me a worthless African piece of shit are the one who are now doing nothing with their lives back home, other than going to jail or getting kill.

  33. Anonymous

    Rebecca Maher By feeding that, (unjustly rewarded) stereotype that simply allows you to brush off a remark because you have the individual labeled as "one of them" you are only making yourself appear intolerant and ignorant.

  34. Cleve Elam

    Toyin Godson Isij Really Sir unless you came from Africa and were placed on the south side of Chicago with no money and gangs running your block and nobody to depend on but yourself and your 10 yrs old. You should not judge so harshly or assume hard work alone will help you succeed and keep you alive!

  35. Toyin Godson Isij

    Cleve…at what point do we start judging? If people can flee from 3rd world countries to come here for a better life why can't people in Chicago seek better opportunities elsewehere in the United States? You need to let go of the past in order to have a brighter future, no one is forcing them to stay in Chicago. I understand racism exists but many succeed despite racism and that should never be an excuse. If you blame racism on failure, then you my friend is part of the problem. Blacks were more successful during segregation, why are they less successful when integrated? Why are you so afraid of success or atleast trying? Stop making excuses for each other and start making each other accountable. And yes I do mentor many inner city kids in Atlanta, I am surprised at things they say atimes, it seems like the failed parents are already poisoning the minds of their kids. They make their kids think that their failure is someone else's fault and in most cases the kid don't feel obliged to do better because their parents wont hold them responsible or care.

  36. Cefrin Elerby

    Did you say that when those white boys went to school and shot all those school kids, or did you cover up your eyes an ears when all those peoples were killed at the movies..I say this because just like all white people aren't the same and blacks are not either.

  37. Cefrin Elerby

    Read and see how many White people have there heads stuck up there ass…Maybe they ate to much SHIT PIE! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL.

  38. Anonymous

    At least it wasn't no big loss…just a couple of brainless gang members who fought against each other…It doesn't hurt my feelings one bit.

  39. Anonymous

    At least it wasn't no big loss…just a couple of brainless gang members who fought against each other…It doesn't hurt my feelings one bit.

  40. Janice Thomas

    So tired of this crap, I am born/raised in Chicago. Honestly I do not visit much these days except to see my parents or go downtown Chicago. People have no regard for life.

  41. Janice Thomas

    I wonder if the church/visitors/funeral home knew he was a former gang member. No offense I would not step foot in a service like that.

  42. Shawn Asorsallaah

    What make you think African American take pride in violence. Why are millions of Africans killing each other. Can I say multi-millions in the Congo , millions in Sudan, Sierra L can I continue. African American community should not be represented by a few gang bangers just like Africans should not be represented by the millions of African killing Africans. Lets not divide but fix.

  43. Shawn Asorsallaah

    Joe Stewart Go back to Africa where can you go back to. U where created from black the parents of civilizations. Lets look at conflicts around the world as Ireland has been fighting it European neighbor for years. When you say go back to Africa where can you call home?

  44. Cleve Elam

    #1 if your place you dwell in has a murder rate the same as war torn 3rd world countries and your suppose to be in the best country in america where in world can you flee too? its not that simple Toyin #2 there is never a point you should start judging unless you want to be judged! As far as segregation your right… but you have to understand what happen to the communities after desegregation every thing was not equal we lost a lot of control of our own education and own programs and communities and put our trust in a system that was suppose to be equal over time things got very bad, and many black communities were left in inequality… then drugs and so forth i could go on, but wont its all documented. I say this to say these situations did not happen overnight anymore than Many places in Africa that were once rich but were robbed and left in ruin by people that said they were there to help them! Just like those places in Africa did not start off they way they are, The Inncer Cities of the USA did not just happen overnight. And its unfair to pretend that it did. BUT there is no excuse for the killings in Chicago.. there is a reason. And the reason is not that African Americans are lazy or blaming Whites!! Fact most of the kids that are dying in Chicago no nothing about the civil rights movement and the struggles of their elders because they were born less than 17 yrs ago in a age where race is not the biggest factor anymore. So the reason you used in your original post are not applicable in this case! Its odd you seem to make an excuse for killings in Africa by stating poverty.. but either you don't know or ignore the fact that poverty is the main reason for killings in Chicago may not be African Poverty but poor is poor my friend and if your hungry some will do what ever it takes to survive.. The motive is the same..If was as easy as hey just work hard and want better for yourself as you put it, than why doesn't everybody in Africa do what you did and move to America and become successful??? do you see my point..? I applaud you for mentoring in Atlanta more blacks who are successful should, keep it up! But don't judge ones situation until you have walked in their shoes. This problem cant be solved by judging only by the more fortunate reaching back to teach and help not boast and judge. And in your first post you said everybody wants the best for blacks in america but themselves that's not true!!! Just read most of the post in the forum hate is real not and excuse!
    Count your blessings and then be a blessing. and don't boast about what you have and others don't.

  45. Rani King

    Cleve Elam I couldn't have addressed Toyin Godson Isij ·better myself. While I do understand what he is attempting to say I don't agree with the way it was presented. To me it appears that he is boasting about what he done and putting down others who haven't achieved the same level of success that he has. He stated everyone wants what is best for blacks but he is obviously misguided…I find it hard to believe he resides in ATL making such a statement. I applaud him for wanting to be the best and mentoring others and my only advice would be to not put down others for their lack of success and be so judgmental…and yes I do reside in ATL.

  46. Christopher Stoker

    Really Jerry as a Vet! Hey Joe you think your Black American friends would Agree with you! And Joe Stewart ; Reaally!(to my mulit-racial family you know me better than this ignorant comment) What if I said all thuggy whites should go back to Europe! Crime is everywhere! I'm from Cali! But watching LOCK UP! Alot more non- minorities speaking out! CRIP Blood Hispanics Asians White.., No reason to disrepesct a funeral! I always see alot of comments on Black crime! But close mouths or maybe a couple on White crimes! Crime is Crime! Whether you shot up an movie theather or an neighborhood: or political event or an funeral home or your family; or an homie around the corner! Love America! Hate Racists! Black White or Brown!

  47. Anonymous

    We have brought the ways of the mideast back to America way to go uncle sam we have to fight everybody elses battles when they won't fight for their own rights then we drag all the scum we didn't kill back home WE are to stupid to learn from our mistakes It started with viet nam No caps on purpose.

  48. Tamara Gozan

    Oh well if you are a poor African go right ahead and commit senseless violence. You sound like an idiot! Crazy is crazy and it is no excuse for any of it….especially what ALL black people have been through. Whether you are in Africa or America committing acts of violence against your own people and others there is no glory in that! Please stop with you self-righteous comments…it makes you sound pompous and ridiculous!

  49. Tamara Gozan

    Toyin Godson Isij Oh and there you go speaking for ALL of Africa now! What a fool! My best friend is from Botswana…her father is a business owner her mother a teacher. She got an Associates degree…I have friends from all over Africa. All is not loss. Granted some areas are worse than others but that is because of people like you who think they are better than the rest and do not share resources with the people. Self-hatred. All Black Americans are not a problem….maybe just all the ones you know….I am not sure. maybe you need to find better company. We can all agree that this is tragic and senseless but I take huge offense to you commenting as if all black people are like this. That is far from the truth…just as I am sure all Africans don't run around the jungle with bones in their noses…though some do. And all Africans don't practice genocide. You need to girdle your tongue. You have a lot of nerve. Also, feel free to be a part of the solution.

  50. Tamara Gozan

    Joe Stewart What the hell do you know about Farakhan or Reverend Wright! Mind you business! That's yall problem now. You want to condemn the men that actually are trying to solve the problem. They are not interested in you anyway so just worry about your own!

  51. Seahag Doyle

    Toyin Godson Isij You are making generalizations about black Americans. Not all of us condone violence or glorify it and many do not have the means to leave certain areas. Also, for you to call Brenda Mouton-Peters 'useless' is arrogant and presumptuous, at best. What do you know really know about this woman? Another thing: you pointed out that groups in Africa are competing for resources, which implies a certain justification for the violence that goes on there. Well, guess what? The same argument can be made for any group anywhere.

    By the way, education after secondary schooling is not free, unless a person gets scholarships. As far as free resources are concerned, most of them are for women, not men. Unfortunately, men comprise the majority of offenders, no matter what the race. Conversely, there are more women in colleges and universities than there are men. So, let me connect the dots for you; there is a correlation between criminal activity and a lack of education and resources.

    Frankly, I don't believe that you are an African–or if you are, you are not a black African. You are probably white or arab–or even one of those other non-natives who uses a false (black) profile as a tool to justify his hate toward black people. I get it. Nice try.

  52. Anonymous

    It's Ignorant how many racist wait to comment on a headline like this. What's even worse is when self hatred rears its ugly head. If Black America gets stereotyped by the violence ignorant black folk enact, then white America should be labeled as the most hateful, spiteful, and degrading people on the planet. For Caucasian's history is riddled with violence…and when White America gets violent it's often on a historical level…i.e. Oklahoma bombing, James Holmes, Columbine…etc. Hatred is hatred…and its wrong to stereotype an entire race because of lost individuals.

  53. Rodney Glenn

    You sir have know clue of how things really are for African Americans in this country. I see that you've been brain washed…..probably by opinions of "others" who have no clue what blacks in this country go through or have gone through. Lets level the playing field and really see what's up. And Mr. Stewart………'s hillbillies like you that keep the b.s. going.

  54. Anonymous

    And the government wants to take away our guns, police are not a defense against crime.

  55. Christopher Stoker

    Mrs. Tamara
    ! Please excuse Joe Stewart! Don't get upset! How can you get upset with someone in Velma, Oklahoma! Seriously! What does Joe Stewart in Velma, Oklahoma, know about black people! Look at his Facebook, he hasn't been out the country in while! He No's nothing about BET or CENTRIC! I can't believe he has an computer hook up! Love America!!!!!

  56. Darrell Nelson

    wonder what the president think of his past home and the african americans that voted for him? well, I give you a clue… he is more focus on those illegals in the united states getting….and taking jobs from some of these killers who have nothing else to do but roam the streets and sell drugs. supposelly..romney send jobs to china while obama wants to keep job in america but give them to illegal alien.

  57. Jimmy Kennedy

    Gawd those arguments are soooo tired! I'd say the flaw with you using mentally disturbed, isolated individual incident to compare with what happens everyday, in the streets with a majority of their population casts a very large discrepancy of validity to your statement Kim

  58. Anonymous

    As an African and perhaps more importantly, "an immigrant" who is also successful here, I can see stereotypical situations like these begging for attention and both sides (Africans ,African Americans or immigrant of any race) can argue all they want, the truth is that Poor is Poor. It does not really matter if you lived in Africa or USA or anywhere. When you are poor, crime rate in your area goes up. I think the biggest problem here is the peers and the environment these black men are growing up in. I live in Oakland CA and its the same thing if not worse and when people look for housing, they avoid Oakland CA because of situations like these.

  59. Chaz Lambert

    Rebecca Maher typical blue collar reply and city oh yeah DEMOCRAP TOO

  60. Linda Thomas

    It do not make sense for no one to kill either other it never matter what your race is the only thing is God loves all of us. So stop saying, thinking and doing silly things that would cause hurt to God who loves all of his children. PRAY

  61. Ann Jones

    Their salaries more than compensated along with the extras from taking advantage of the bereaved. Its a business to make money and sell sell sell and after the sale the customer service goes out the window.

  62. Ann Jones

    Because of the fall of man, we are all born with a sinful nature. A child will steal toys as soon as his hands have developed enough. He will lie as soon as he can master speech and say he did not do something when he did. This goes into adulthood with the added sin of greed. the gang bangers use drugs to control others and to feel good about themselves. They want you to buy only from them. They want control of the streets and customers for a steady income, which is never enough because of an insatiable desire to get more and more. Nothing will change until Christ comes back again. No man is perfect and cannot be perfect for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

  63. Sindy Finn

    And to think all the work that Martin Luther King and other great black American figures in history layed down for these idiots to run rampant with total disregard makes me sick. I wish with all my heart some figure could move into the communities plagued with so much stupidity and violence and catch these kids while they are young and make them understand once and for all how they are destroying their race.
    And lastly Toyin below I don't know where you get off on making the kind of statement you did. I am not American but I feel the pain as a person of the same color shame on you. This happens in a lot of countries where youth of color live including your own why would you live with your head in your butt.

  64. Sindy Finn

    I want to thank you cleve Elam I wanted to let this woman know how I felt also as a foreigner in America and a woman of color. You have said it for me and i thank you. I was appalled at the answers she was giving it truly hurt my heart.

  65. Sindy Finn

    Toyin Godson Isij
    Scroll down a little further and read the response from Henry Gaines ! this is a typical type of person that the children of black America come up against on a daily basis whether in word or gesture. There are far too many who are sitting at a desk where your kids would look for employment and be turned away. Or even hold a job as a teacher or attorney police and doctor. Maybe you have not yet grasped what it is I am saying but someday I hope you will.

  66. JAsh Swope

    another shooting in Chicago
    …standard. ill never live in the dump town

  67. Anonymous

    These fools and those names are stupid. What gangster will go and shoot up the church? These fools need to stop calling themselves gangsters and use the name of heartless murderers. They just don't know what is in store and constantly evolving to eradicate them. The time is coming when they will get a real war with the police and soldiers and they will be shot and no questions ask.

  68. Study Proverbs

    This what happens when people sin. Sex before marriage, baby comes, no father, child joins gang, etc. The wages of sin is death. Oh let me not forget the music industry. It amazes me how people can say things in a song that if they said with out music, they would be considered insane.

  69. Marie Goetz

    Isn't Chicago Obama's old stomping ground and isn't the mayor a good friend of his, and isn't the city run mostly by liberals and dumocrats? Sad to say this, but things aren't going to change in Chicago until the government does. Liberalism fosters this kind of society.

  70. Jason Schapiro

    At least the gang members were killed and not innocent bystanders.

  71. Jason Schapiro

    Those shot were convicted felons and known gang members. The other family members were not harmed. The funeral directors get more business, and the innocent family members, well, it's not like they've never seen gang violence before.

  72. Autumn Adkins

    Toyin Isij: It is rude to even make a general statement that African Americans take pride is violence and are not economically "better off". Ignorance. Walk around Atlanta for once.

  73. Dorian King Morrison

    Cease fire, Cease fire, we are in a war in the innercity, and in a war the the enemy should be allowed to bury their dead in peace. In the early eighties the CIA dispacthed. There agents from over seas to every major city in the US with good reason, to watch you people and disrupt. You have taken out your own leaders and distoryed generations of your own people, much like the to kkk. Hate in the name of materal and capital gain. Once upon a time both groups were united, that should tell you something.divide and control, encircle and surpress. now your children will receive your legacy of supidity and suffer again and again, for the sin of their fathers.

  74. Claire Morris

    For you people on here who have chosen to generalize Blacks need not be so judgemental and throw stones you sound racist. Furthermore the news reports crimes committed by Blacks not success awards, degrees,promotions or anything positive because good news doesn't get ratings or sell papers. To my friend from Africa….you are still Black in America.

  75. Claire Morris

    Continued…As far as the person who said ley them kill each other my goodness are you a white supremacist? Be careful what you wish on other people especially the innocent…it could be you and yours one day. Since you guys watch the news you probably are aware that violence is everywhere all over the world not just the Southside of Chicago and doesn't always involve Black people.

  76. Shawn Asorsallaah

    Just let who kill eachother. Hopefully you are talking about someone in your sons school or grandchildren schools. Who shooting up the malls, schools, colleges is it blacks no. So racist statements should go. Mr. Waggoner you may need to worry about your sons coaches having sex with them. So crime is also related to race.

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