Justin Bieber Lawsuit

Justin Bieber Wants Hearing Loss Lawsuit Dropped, Files Court Documents

If you go to a Justin Bieber concert, there are going to be thousands of screaming girls, and your hearing might be impacted. That is the message that Justin Bieber’s lawyers sent this week to lawsuit filer Stacey Betts.

Betts hit Bieber with a $9.23 million lawsuit after she attended a 2010 concert with her daughter, and her hearing was impaired because of screaming girls.

In her lawsuit, Betts claims that Justin Bieber “enticed the crowd” into a loud frenzy simply by pointing at them.

Lawyers for Justin Bieber claim there is no way the Biebs could have known that simply “pointing to a crowd” would create a “sound blast” that would ultimately lead to hearing loss.

Bieber’s lawyers also claim that it was not Justin’s responsibility to stop the crowd from making noise.

Justin Bieber’s legal defense has asked that the lawsuit be dropped due to a lack of facts.

In the meantime, it might be worth noting that, if you go to a concert with thousands of excited tween and teen girls, you are likely going to experience shrieking when their teen heartthrob walks onto the stage.

Justin Bieber just isn’t having a good year. First he attacked a paparrazi and was pulled over by police on several occasions, then his relationship with Selena Gomez came to a crashing halt, and now he’s facing a hearing loss lawsuit from something that happened way back in 2010.

Do you think Stacey Betts has a case, or should she have known better when attending a Justin Bieber concert?