Justice League Movie

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Might Play Batman In ‘Justice League’ Movie

Joseph Gordon-Levitt might be suiting up as Batman in the upcoming Justice League movie, according to Worst Previews.

If you haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises all the way through till the end, then you might want to skip this article altogether. In short, there are a few spoilers head.

Since the final installment of director Christopher Nolan’s epic Caped Crusader trilogy ends with Gordon-Levitt’s character stumbling across the Batcave after Bruce Wayne rides off into the sunset, many have wondered if he will star as Batman in future installments. Now rumors are suggesting the actor could portray the superhero in the upcoming Justice League film.

When asked if he had any interest in portraying Batman in Warner Bros. upcoming project, Gordon-Levitt gave a decidedly cryptic response.

“If the script inspires me and if there’s a filmmaker that I respect and connect to … I’d consider anything,” he replied.

According to Hitflix, the studio behind The Dark Knight Rises and the upcoming Man of Steel is close to finalizing a deal with the actor. Although Warner Bros. isn’t saying the deals are related to the Justice League project, it would seem recent conversations have something to do with the Batman franchise.

Many websites have speculated that Warner Bros. could be creating a Justice League movie on par with Marvel’s The Avengers. If this turns out to be the case, then Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Man of Steel star Henry Cavill could be headed into a very lucrative superhero franchise.

During an interview with TG Daily, director Zack Snyder comment on rumors that his upcoming Superman film could tie into the Justice League movie.

“There are a lot of gears that have to turn in the world of commerce and the world of the mythology we create to facilitate more adventures for this character. We’ll see what happens,” he explained.

Do you think Joseph Gordon-Levitt should portray Batman in the Justice League movie?