April The Giraffe Labor Updates: Animal Adventure Park Will Not Let Birth Take Place Outside, Watch Live Cam

Update! April the Giraffe has given birth. Watch the Live Giraffe Cam via Facebook and YouTube.

Please be patient while the Facebook videos download. If you missed the birth, you are in luck. You may watch the live stream of the giraffe cam featuring April and her newborn calf in the video playlist above. The Facebook live videos below show the calf’s birth from a different angle.

April the giraffe is still pregnant, and the Animal Adventure Park (AAP) continues to stream her every moment via the live cam on YouTube. Each day, the AAP shared Facebook updates for April’s fans as they follow her pregnancy and wait for her to go into active labor, live streaming online. Now that spring is here, 15-year-old April and her five-year-old mate Oliver, leave their stalls in the AAP giraffe barn and venture outside. April’s time outside has caused many to worry she will go into active labor and delivery her baby away from the live cam. The AAP assured the public they will not let April give birth to her calf outside, and should she be outside when signs of active labor begin, she will be led back to the giraffe stall, where the live cam will stream the event.

Watch April the Giraffe Live Cam via YouTube

During the Tuesday morning update, the AAP shared a photo of April outside enjoying the fresh Harpursville, New York air. You may see the photo below. As April enjoys more time outside, the reminder is here that the Animal Adventure Park will open their doors on May 13. Will April even give birth to her calf by then? Now that April has gone longer in her pregnancy than was anticipated, there is an excellent chance that those who visit the Animal Adventure Park and April on opening day will see her calf in person. Until then, you’ll have to enjoy watching April via the live cam. Unfortunately, after the calf is born and is approximately one week old, the live cam will stop streaming, and the Animal Adventure Park will provide video and text updates.

One of April’s Facebook fans commented on the Animal Adventure Park’s photo shared above that she had a feeling April might go into active labor outside and away from the live cam. Another one of April the giraffe’s Facebook followers remarked that the Animal Adventure Park would lead April back inside should that happen. To that comment, the AAP replied that was correct. It might not come as much of a surprise, that a discussion soon followed regarding how staff would lead a pregnant, and active laboring giraffe back inside to her stall and birthing area. The exact details and specifics weren’t given, but it appears the Animal Adventure Park is quite confident that April won’t give birth to her calf outside.

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As the Inquisitr previously reported, the Animal Adventure Park is planning a non-assisted, natural birth for April’s calf and though there will be a full team on hand, they hope to be as hands off as possible. They also want to allow ample time for April and her baby calf to bond. Though many are looking forward to the live birth, the Animal Adventure Park will not keep April’s calf for the long term. After the baby is old enough to be on his or her own, the calf will be rehomed to a facility, park or zoo with an active giraffe conservation breeding program.

The Animal Adventure Park first set up their live giraffe cam on Feb. 10. On Feb 15, the Inquisitr was first to report on April the giraffe. At the time, the Inquisitr was told birth would be imminent, albeit an open-ended imminent. Two months later, the world is on edge, waiting and watching for that special moment when April enters active labor. Though some have worried that there is a medical reason preventing April from giving birth, the AAP and April’s veterinarian continually assure the public everything is fine. The AAP also assures April’s fans will witness the birth live.

Since the live giraffe cam has gone viral, millions worldwide have enjoyed watching April on a daily basis and are excited to see the birth as it unfolds. Are you watching the live giraffe cam? When did you first find out about April the giraffe? Do you plan to visit the Animal Adventure Park in person this summer or on opening day? Please leave your thought and opinions in the comments’ section below.

[Featured Image by Anky/Shutterstock]