German Bestiality Laws

Erotic Zoos Force Germany To Revisit Bestiality Laws

The popularity of erotic zoos in Germany has forced officials to revisit bestiality laws, according to The Huffington Post.

Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner is looking to reinstate the bestiality laws that have been off the books since the late 60s. The popularity of these so-called erotic zoos have forced the country to consider criminalizing sexual acts with animals.

Since the aforementioned zoos allow people to “abuse animals ranging from llamas to goats” for a fee, the bestiality laws would crack down on anyone who essentially pimps these creatures out to a third party.

Of course, not everyone feels that the government should get involved in the sexual relationships that exist between man and beast. According to the Daily Mail, the zoophile group ZETA isn’t fond of the proposed bestiality laws.

“Mere concepts of morality have no business being law,” chairman Michael Kiok.

Changes to the national Animal Protection Code are being made due to the increase of bestiality in the area. Since Germany isn’t too fond of being associated with erotic zoos, officials are hoping to reinstate the law as soon as possible. Anyone found in violation of the Animal Protection Code will be fined £20,000 for the first offense.

Although bestiality is frowned upon by most people, some cultures openly embrace the relationships that sometimes develop between a man and an animal. Producer Tyler Chandler and director Daryl Stoneage’s controversial documentary Donkey Love explores the little-known Colombian tradition that encourages young men to engage in sexual activity with donkeys.

Director Robinson Devor’s 2007 documentary Zoo also tackled the subject of bestiality from an American viewpoint. The film explores the death of a Enumclaw, Washington man who died from injuries he sustained while having sex with a horse.

Do you think Germany should reinstate bestiality laws? What do you think should happen to the people who own and operate these erotic zoos?