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Cleveland Mother Arrested After Her Son’s Body Is Found At Garbage Dump

Cleveland, OH – Camilia Terry was arrested after the body of her missing 3-year-old son was found at a local garbage dump. A dead body believed to be Emilliano Terry was found inside a waste treatment plant, according to ABC News.

Terry, 20, is being held on charges related to the death of her son at the Cuyahoga County Jail. Cleveland Police Chief Michael McGrath had this to say about the alleged crime during an interview with WEWS-TV:

“We come here with heavy hearts, I’m sure you understand. Today, at approximately 4 o’clock, a body of a small child matching the description of Emilliano Terry was discovered at a waste treatment plant in Oakwood Village. So, in other words, right now, currently, we are treating this as a homicide, rather than a missing person or abduction. Sometime during the day the statements of Miss Terry became very inconsistent and we decided that we would further investigate her involvement in this situation.”

An autopsy to officially determine the identity of the toddler’s body and the cause of death are ongoing. Camilia, a mother of three, called 911 and stated that her son had gone missing while she was swinging one of her other children at Kossuth Park. An excerpt from the emergency call allegedly made 15 minutes after the boy disapeared reads:

“I’m calling you because I’m at a park and my son is missing. I was looking everywhere for him, I can’t find him.”

Cleveland police officers, the FBI, and the Guardian Angels searched the area looking for the little boy. The search team noticed a garbage truck leaving the Camilia’s home. Officers contacted Waste Management Inc. and ultimately found a boy’s body inside trash bags at the landfill.

Camilia Terry has not admitted to committing any crime. Her home is currently being searched for evidence.