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Kevin Clash Being Sued By Accuser #3

Kevin Clash Accuser 3 To File Lawsuit

Kevin Clash, the former voice of Sesame Street muppet Elmo, is being sued by a third accuser. The former muppeteer will face a newly filed lawsuit by Tuesday, according to a recent report.

The newest Clash accuser alleges that he had a sexual relationship with Kevin Clash at the age of 16. The boy says he engaged in “sexual activity” with Clash in 2000. The now grown man also says the two met via a gay chat line. The claim does not state what type of sexual activity was involved in their encounters.

The claims made by accuser #3 closely resemble those of Cecil Singleton, the second man to accuse Kevin Clash of an inappropriate relationship with an underage participant. Cecil Singleton filed a lawsuit last week, several hours later Kevin Clash officially resigned from his role as the voice of Elmo.

The third accuser has not been named, and, according to the NY Daily News, the man’s attorney, Jeff Herman, will file the case as “John Doe” to protect the identity of his client.

While Kevin Clash has resigned from his job of 27 years, he has not spoken publicly about the accusations filed against him.

If you are unfamiliar with Kevin Clash, the documentary Being Elmo portrayed the man as a lover of puppets who got his start as a child while eventually coming under the tutelage of Kermit Love.

Despite the controversy surrounding Kevin Clash, Elmo remains one of the best selling toys of the 2012 holiday shopping season.

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2 Responses to “Kevin Clash Being Sued By Accuser #3”

  1. Theresa Green

    How does a daughter feel hearing such sordid details about her father's sexual exploits; a father she obviously dearly loves. How does she face her school friends? How her heart must ache now knowing why he spent so much time away from her; and it wasn't aways about work committments. She is the only one I feel sorry for in all of this. And I detest these opportunist who would want you to believe that they are coming out with these revelations because due to moral and spiritual values. Huh! Bunch of morons.

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