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Facebook Mistakes Elbows For Breasts In Bathtub Photo

Facebook thinks elbows are breasts

Someone at Facebook must have failed anatomy.

The social network took down a photo of a woman in a bathtub who appeared to be exposing her breasts.

In reality, they were her elbows.

The photo was uploaded by Web magazine, “Theories of the Deep Understanding of Things,” to test how the social networks terms of service deal with pictures that are misleading.

The censored photo raised the question of whether the photo sharing website content policies are based on indecency, or the mere appearance of indecency.

The social network quickly took down the photo for violating its service terms.

The magazine wrote, “So here’s last night’s FB alertness test results: FB moderators can’t tell an elbow from a dangerous, filthy, uncanny and violent female breast.”

The magazine continued, “No questions were asked and the post is down. Imagine our surprise.”

The social networking site warned that users who continue to post photos which it deems inappropriate could lose their access to the site. The latest moderation mistake highlights Facebook’s well-meaning, but inconsistent, efforts to moderate so-called “graphic” content from the site.

Recently, Facebook was criticized when moderators blocked pictures of the Israeli bombardment of Gaza, while similar photos of Hamas rocket attacks were still available.

Facebook is moderated by employees in Morocco and other developing countries who are paid one dollar an hour through an online outsourcing company called oDesk.

A Moroccan former employee published a document, distributed to contractors, which revealed that the site informs its employees to delete all forms of sexual activity, even simulated activity where nothing explicit is shown.

Excessive blood and “crushed heads, limbs, etc.” are allowed as long as no insides are showing the employee said.

The oDesk staff members are instructed that the social networking site will not condone “slurs or racial comments of any kind.” Such comments are supposed to be deleted as soon as possible.

However, they may be allowed to stay online if the comments are made in a humorous or ironic way.

What do you think of Facebook’s mistake?

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39 Responses to “Facebook Mistakes Elbows For Breasts In Bathtub Photo”

  1. George Smithson

    Facebook can do whatever the fluck they want, it's their site. We don't have to use it.

  2. Richard Playle

    Face book is using slave labuor? ONE dollar a hour? Sod what it bans in its content it is what it does as a employer we should be looking at! Can some one at FACEBOOK comment on this to see if its true? Or at best put the record straight? Is that amount the Going rate?

  3. JoAnne Natale Cardi

    Forget about the picture! Facebook outsources slave labor? Sickening, especially because they can most certainly afford to create jobs in the American economy. You'd think being that this is their country of origin, they try to give back.

  4. JoAnne Natale Cardi

    MUST READ!!! Forget about the pictures! What caught me was that they publicly admit that Facebook sources slave labor!! A company that can certainly afford to create jobs for the American (remember American the country which Facebook originated) economy! Why don't they tax companies that want to outsource 35%. Then either way, we putting money back into our proverbial pockets. But hey, wtf do I know? Wit

  5. Ceal Vrykul

    In Mexico the minimum wage is less than one dollar an hour (around 70 cents) so It's likely that they are actually paying them minimum wage in that country and not "using slave labor".

  6. JoAnne Natale Cardi

    Slave labor by our standards, but the point is Facebook can certainly afford to pay it forward to the American economy, by not outsourcing. That's exactly what our country needs to start putting money back into our own pockets.

  7. Don Payson

    OMG! Facebook, a multi-million dollar company.. outsources, just like other multi-million dollar companies? Where's the outcry for that?

  8. Don Payson

    maybe slave labor by U.S standards. But people dont realize.or dont care to know, is that the cost-of living is so much lower there. They dont take in account the currency rates for said country

  9. Wolff Bachner

    so zuckerfuc*er is just another slave labor using billionaire. if Obama had any guts at all he would start working to make these companies bring the damn jobs back to america and pay a fair wage. no wonder people resent the rich. would it change zuckerbergs life if he employees Americans. maybe he would only be worth 7.5 billion instead of 8 billion. what a greedy pig.

  10. Sarah Jane

    I live in Morocco and Don let me tell you $7.66 a day is not an okay wage here….at all.

  11. Don Payson

    And what do you consider a fair wage? You mean by American standards? Nationally the average wage in Morrocco is $2500 year tax free by their labor standards.Assuming a 40 hr work week,that comes to 2080 a year, which is within the average.

  12. Richard-Tito Breton van Groll

    You I know what? Not only do they use foreign resources to manage the site, it also seem that there incompetent in doing there job properly. None the less, they could use a parental system for those pictures. Like when you upload it, you'll have to indicate the content of the picture or text (graphic, kid friendly ect. ect.)

  13. Alan Lundgren

    Maimed people = cool story bro!
    Suspected breast = oh hell no!
    When something as simple as a person being naked is more offensive to parents or opinionated folks than somebody with a bloody lump or missing limb…'merica.

  14. Don Payson

    Minimum wage here in the US sucks,too. But it is what it is.. you cant claim "slave labor" when they are paying average wages

  15. Wolff Bachner

    you defending paying people 2080 $ a year to work for a multi billion $$ us corporation? bullshit. its a slave wage and zuckerberg should be ashamed. do you work for facebook? i see you posting this same crap on all sorts of websites,. you just a slave owner or a shill for fb?

  16. Michele Isanski

    I think if someone thought that was a boob than clearly they are retarded.

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