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Watch Live YouTube Cams: April The Giraffe, SWFL, Decorah Eagles, Pregnant Cats, Baby Owls And Farm Animals

If you enjoy watching April the giraffe live on YouTube, then you may be interested in these other animal cams. In the following playlists, you’ll find live cams streaming from the Animal Adventure Park (April the giraffe) and popular bald eagles such as the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam (SWFL Eagle Cam) and the Decorah-North bald eagle nest. The SWFL eagle cam features eagles Harriet, M15, and E9, and the Decorah Nest features Ma and Pa with DN4 and DN5. DN6 passed away on April 4, 2017.

When watching live animal cams, it’s important to remember you are seeing nature as it happens. Some YouTube feeds, such as April the giraffe or kittens and animals from farms, do include human interaction. For the most part, once a cam is set up live, humans want to have as little contact with the nest activity or animals that are being filmed. This can mean witnessing heartbreaking or even gruesome events as they unfold live streaming online. The loss of DN6 was very sad but many have enjoyed watching DN4 and DN5 thrive. A previous cam featuring seven owl eggs resulted in the failure of six eggs to hatch and the mother owl finally consuming her youngest owlet. Keep in mind when watching live YouTube cams that there is no assurance everything will have a happy and pleasant ending.

In addition to the playlists featured below, you can always watch live YouTube cams featuring animals such as April the giraffe, E9, and more in the official YouTube video feed. YouTube automatically updates this feed with the newest and most popular animal cams several times per day.

Watch Live Animals: YouTube Cams Automatically Update

April the Giraffe from Animal Adventure Park

April the giraffe is currently the most popular live YouTube cam available to watch online. With more than 100,000 viewers watching at any given moment, April has gone viral and captivated the world. She is a 15-year-old pregnant reticulated giraffe that lives at the Animal Adventure Park (AAP) located in Harpursville, New York. April became pregnant at some point in 2015, and her exact due date is unknown. The AAP set up a live giraffe cam on February 10, 2017, expecting her to give birth relatively soon.

The promise and appeal to the public have been to watch April deliver her calf via YouTube’s live stream. Instead of an imminent delivery, April remains pregnant, and many people are still watching and waiting for active labor to begin. This is April’s fourth calf, but the first born at the park. You can watch April live on YouTube via the giraffe cam in the video playlist below.

SWFL Eagles: Harriet, M15, and E9

The Southwest Florida eagle cam (SWFL) is from North Fort Myers, Florida, and is owned by Dick Pritchett. The cam is one of the most popular for bald eagle viewing, and each year hundreds of thousands tune in to see the adventures of Harriet and her mate M15. For the 2017 season, Harriet and M15 had one egg that hatched, E9. The eaglet is a juvenile that has captured the heart of many worldwide with its characteristics, antics, and personality. You can watch the Southwest Florida Eagle cam live streaming from YouTube in the video player below.

Decorah-North Nest Eagles

The Decorah-North Nest is quickly becoming one of the most popular animal cams in 2017. Provided by Raptor Resource Decorah-North the cam drew a lot of attention with the sad passing of eaglet DN6. DN4 and DN5 are still thriving, and many are continuing to watch the live cam via YouTube to keep track of the eaglets. You can rewind the YouTube video back four hours to see any footage you might have missed. You can also follow the Decorah Eagles North Nest Facebook Group for updates and latest news. If you haven’t watched Ma, Pa, DN4 and DN5 from Decorah, Iowa, you can check out the live feed in the video playlist below.

Pregnant Cats and Kitten Watch

Those who enjoy watching kittens will find there are plenty of live YouTube cams that feature pregnant cats and kittens. Some cat cams even show live births. Many of these cams are from rescue centers, shelters, and foster homes. Others are personal cams set up within the home. Again, when watching live cams, there isn’t always a happy ending. Sometimes rescued feral cats are sick and need help. There might be an emergency situation involving a pregnant cat as well. You’ll find a number of different cat and kitten cams available to watch in the playlist below.

Baby Owls: Barred Owls Nest Box Cam

Spring is in the air, and there are several owl cams streaming live on YouTube where you can watch owls in their nests or nesting boxes with eggs and owlets. The Cornell Lab Bird Cams Project features a nesting box with a barred owl and her three owlets. In addition to the barred owls and babies, you can watch live cams in the playlist below featuring screech owls, the great horned owl, great gray owls, and more.

Watch Farm Animals Live, Via YouTube Cams

Chickens, goats, donkeys, ducks, bison, iguanas, sheep, and lambs are just some of the animals you can watch live online, via YouTube cams. The following playlist has a variety of animal cams, including many that feature mothers and babies. The Little Hooves foal cams are a wonderful way to celebrate the miracle of life and the joys of animal births.

Do you enjoy watching animal cams online? Did you get hooked by watching April the giraffe? Although April continues to be the most popular live cam on YouTube, there are many other animals who are starring in their own video productions. Check out some of these other YouTube stars and see how they live. Do you have a favorite YouTube animal not mentioned above? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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