April the giraffe will have a natural, and unassisted birth says Animal Adventure Park.

April The Giraffe Labor Updates: Animal Adventure Park Planning Unassisted Natural Calf Birth, Watch Live Cam

April the giraffe is still pregnant and millions of people are watching and waiting for active labor to begin. The Animal Adventure Park (AAP) located in Harpursville, New York, began to live stream their 15-year-old Reticulated giraffe April on Feb 10, 2017, expecting the imminent birth of her calf. Since then, the live giraffe cam has gone viral with countless worldwide tuning in to watch April give birth online. As February and March have come and gone, many are worried that April is having problems with her pregnancy and fears the calf may be in danger are rampant.

The Animal Adventure Park has assured the public that April’s pregnancy is progressing normally and the calf is healthy. Additionally, in a recent labor update shared on the official Facebook page, the AAP stated they plan to let April have an unassisted, natural birth with as much bonding time between mom and calf as possible. Here is the quote as shared on the Animal Adventure Park Facebook page.

“We want this to go as natural as possible without us involved… allowing bonding and all other crucial moments to be just mom and baby.”

The live streaming giraffe cam featuring April continues to attract hundreds of thousands of viewers. If you haven’t seen April in her giraffe stall, you may watch the live cam below. The cam is featured in a playlist and includes additional videos the Animal Adventure Park has shared. Many include behind-the-scenes footage of the giraffe barn, April and her five-year-old boyfriend Oliver. You can also join AAP owner Jordan Patch on a tour of the park as well as the nursery and animals that are featured in the petting zoo.

Watch April the Giraffe Via Live Cam

When the Inquisitr first wrote about April the giraffe, the live cam was virtually unheard of. Many local to Harpursville had followed along waiting for news that April had gone into active labor. Now that April is a viral sensation, millions are waiting for word that April’s calf has arrived. April has undergone many physical changes and according to the latest Animal Adventure Park updates, they are not expecting any more physical changes before active labor begins. We’ll know that April is in active labor when we see the calf’s hooves sticking out. She may lose her appetite, drink more water and exhibit behavioral changes. Those watching April via the live cam might observe an increase in contractions before the appearance of hooves. April has surprised everyone, including her veterinarian by remaining pregnant this long. Still, no one is worried that she is in any danger as giraffes are known for an extremely long gestational period. April has reached the physical milestones needed before active labor begins. At this point, it’s a waiting game. April will have her calf when the calf is ready to be born, and not one minute sooner.

Those who’ve followed the live giraffe cam and Animal Adventure Park since February will know that there has been plenty of downtime with the live stream. This has caused some confusion for people and has also enabled others to make fraudulent sites where they pretend to be the AAP. Because the live stream shows April in the giraffe stall where she will give birth, it’s been easy for scam artists to duplicate the video and pretend they are showing the live video. Some scam sites have even featured videos pretending April had given birth. The best way to determine if you’re watching the live stream is to click on the red live button on the official video. You can find the official stream in the playlist above as well as at the Animal Adventure Park YouTube site.

Are you still watching April the giraffe via the live cam? Did you sign up for the Animal Adventure Park text alerts that will notify you when active labor has begun or are you watching the cam only? April can go into active labor at any moment and some are worried they’ll miss the birth and have chosen to receive AAP text alerts. In addition to providing labor updates, the text alert system will provide subscribers with exclusive photos and access to content before it’s released to the public or media.

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