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Fox Interview Ends After Author Criticizes Network

Fox News ends interview when author criticizes network

A reporter and author was being interviewed by Fox News, but the anchor quickly ended the interview when the subject criticized the network for “operating as a wing of the Republican Party.”

The Associated Press reports that Thomas Ricks, a veteran journalist and author of The Generals, was being interviewed by anchor Jon Scott. The interview was about Republican criticism of UN Ambassador Susan Rice’s comments about the attacks.

ThinkProgress notes that the interview with Fox News would last only one minute and 45 seconds. Scott sets up the interview by highlighting Ricks’ credentials, saying he has covered the military for decades. When Scott asks a question about John McCain backing off his previous statements about Rice, Ricks blasted Fox News.

“I think that Benghazi generally was hyped, by this network especially, and that now that the campaign is over, I think he’s backing off a little bit,” Ricks said. “They’re not going to stop Susan Rice from being secretary of state.”

Scott makes the point that the Benghazi attack led to the first death of an American ambassador in such a situation is hardly hype, but Ricks countered by asking the anchor how many contractors died in Iraq. Scott said he didn’t know, and Ricks said no one knows because no one cares, intimating perhaps that Fox News didn’t cover than because there was no political angle for the network. He then called Fox a “wing of the Republican Party.

Scott wrapped up the interview then and there, with the segment running about half as long as planned.

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20 Responses to “Fox Interview Ends After Author Criticizes Network”

  1. John Wong

    If Fox didn't cover Benghazi then no networks would cover it. If Obama were a republican then all the networks would be all over it.

  2. Steve Gentry

    More propoganda, who believes this stuff, the interview didn't seem to be cut short. Anyway the lib. compared contractors in a combative environment with an freedom loving Ambassador that got raped and brutilly murdered. Come on Americans don't let them bull *@#t us, they work for the tax payer.

  3. Sheila Orr

    At least one network has the guts to show ALL the news and not be afraid to be considered prejudice.

  4. Anonymous

    Yes, but MSNBC'S, Ed Schultz, can come and wish the death of Cheney and call Laura Ingram a bitch, and they are fair and balanced. This author is a hypocrite. A lot of people are killed of non-military Americans have been killed in Iraq under both Bush and Obama. What does this prove? These were 4 diplomats that were representing the USA government and were attacked for this reason. This author is an idiot and used this opportunity for a cheap shot, what a low life.

  5. Jim Fuchs

    The military couldn't function without civilian contractors. Ask any mature service member. The Ambassador knew of the danger. Sorry, the LIB as you say was right. 1 life lost by a diplomat is no different than a life lost by a contractor.

  6. Steve Gentry

    Hey Jim, not giving my opinion who's life is more important, I'm making a point the ambassadore was not a trained soldier posing any threat and btw no man or woman should ever be raped,(giving my opinon). Find the sodimizing animals and destroy them wether they are libs or conservatives. Also did I mention take pictures and post them even if somebody might become offended.

  7. Corey Nufer

    The funniest part of your comment is where you call it propaganda, you're right, Fox "News" is nothing but propaganda, every single moment of every single day. Also, I'm pretty sure that the people that killed the contractor could give half a rotten pile of crap about liberal or conservative, seriously, the fact that you are so up in arms over this, then make it all about stupid politics is just as disgusting than what happened to the man. Love it that you're a member of the teamsters and an obvious right wing zealot, way to work toward bringing yourself down.

  8. Corey Nufer

    Fox news sued for the right to lie in their broadcasts and won, seriously, that makes you proud to be lied to right in your own face. Also, being considered prejudiced is not a good thing, and yes, there is a letter D at the end of that word.

  9. Corey Nufer

    1) They were not all diplomats. 2) You need to look up the definition of the word "hypocrite", because you are doing it wrong. 3) "A lot of people are killed of non-military Americans have been killed in Iraq under both Bush and Obama." Is that English? Seriously, how are people "are killed of"? I don't even know how you can make such a ridiculous combination of words without realizing. Also, the war in Iraq ended very shortly after Obama became president, so not that many people died there under his watch. 4) The author is most certainly smarter than you, he makes money writing books, so if he is an idiot, what does that make you? 5) Fox News sued in a Florida court for the right to lie to your face, they are a 24 hour propaganda network. Watching any news network and becoming a militant supporter of it is just a show that you are easily swayed, that you have the perfect qualities of a gullible person. ALL news networks are garbage, and you are just another ignorant sheep willing to lap up lies like its candy.

  10. Corey Nufer

    That's funny, I heard the entire story, and I mean the whole thing, on NPR before Fox even had a segment. Fox news sued for the right to lie to you face and won, yet sheep like you continue to flock to it and defend it with every last ounce of ignorant you can muster.

  11. David Barber

    Fox News likes to change and shape reality to help them change and shape people's thinking…..Think they have any interest in hearing the truth about themselves when they consistently fail to tell the truth to their brainwashed viewers?

  12. Anonymous

    Steve Gentry Your point about the Ambassadors not being a trained soldier is invalid, These contractors the author is referring to are not trained soldiers either. Civilian contractors are exactly that; CIVILIAN's. We are talking about construction workers, engineers, etc. Not soldiers of fortune who are contracted to fight the war. As for your comment about finding them and killing them regardless of their political beliefs? Seriously? You think that there are Liberals and conservatives running around in Iraq and Afghanistan? What does that statement even mean Sir?

  13. Anonymous

    The only thing that people need to do is go on the web and search for Fox news denouncing Rupert Murdoch and the Phone hacking scheme that went on for years. I guarantee that you will not find one news anchor from fox talking about that. I guess that violating people rights and causing a family to believe their murdered daughter was still alive isn't really news is it? It was disgusting how these so called Journalists didn't bother to cover such an important story because Rupert Murdoch Owns their station and is totally infallible right? Sean Hannity is a hate monger who is spreading fear and disdain to America. Rush is too.

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