Chris Brown and Rihanna are back together

Rihanna Defends Chris Brown’s Twitter Tantrum, Pretty Much Confirms They’re Back Together

With Chris Brown’s Twitter deleted and gone (for now), Rihanna has stepped up to defend him from his haters in true passive-aggressive style: re-tweeting vulgar posts and images that are totally not meant to speak to anything having to do with humorist Jenny Johnson and Brown’s temper tantrum Sunday.

You know the story well by now. Jenny Johnson makes a regular habit out of tormenting Chris Brown, the singer finds out, he responds in scatological insults of 140 characters or less. We can debate all day whether or not Johnson is taking cheap shots at an easy target or just trolling for fun, but one thing is almost unanimously certain, even if it does escape the mindless online presence that is #teambreezy: Chris Brown’s reaction to Johnson was bizarre, immature, and even a little scary.

Johnson was probably baiting Brown, who is well-known for his incredible lack of self-control, but somewhere between advising a comic writer to s*** your d*** and telling her you’re going to sh** in her eye, you’ve crossed a vulgar, misogynistic line.

Which is how we know that Rihanna and Chris Brown are boyfriend and girlfriend again, even if they won’t admit it to the judgmental media: Because she’s defending him.

Rihanna started off by tweeting this image of Johnson’s anti-Brown tweets: