Anti-Obama Gun Store Owner: ‘Business is Booming’

Pinetop, AZ – Cope Reynolds, the man who banned Obama voters from his gun shop, says his “business is booming” because of support he’s getting from around the country.

Reynolds attracted a lot of attention when he posted a sign outside his Arizona gun store that read “If you voted for Obama, please turn around and leave. You have proven you are not responsible enough to own a firearm.” He also published an ad in a local newspaper conveying the same message.

Reynolds told The Arizona Republic that “I’ve been busier than a cat covering up poop on a marble floor.” Moreover, he disagrees with those who claim that his political statement was bad for business:

“People are saying that I’ve alienated half of our customers. No, I haven’t. I haven’t alienated any of my customers, because the people who voted for Obama don’t buy guns here. They don’t come here at all. I haven’t alienated. I’ve improved things. I have packages sitting on my desk to be shipped to places like Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Idaho, Nevada and California.”

He admitted to Talking Points Memo that his ban on Obama voters is, however, symbolic and not really enforceable:

“He also said he won’t conduct a litmus test to determine a customer’s views, although he’s considering offering discounts to registered Republicans and Libertarians. Obama voters can still shop at Southwest Shooting Authority, so long as they keep their politics to themselves.”

Reynolds fully expects that the Obama administration will embark on some gun control initiatives in the second term that will infringe on Second Amendment rights and “that’s why Reynolds remains mystified by the notion that any gun owner could have supported the incumbent.”

According to some estimates, gun sales are on the rise around the country perhaps because of concerns about the possibility of new restrictive regulations.