Jackie Braun: Viral Video Shows Krispy Kreme Worker Fulfill Strange Request Of Man Looking To Get Rejected

Jackie Braun: Krispy Kreme Video Shows Worker Fulfill Strange Request Of Man Looking To Get Rejected

A Krispy Kreme worker went the extra mile to fulfill the request of a man who was actually trying to get rejected, crafting doughnuts into the shape of the Olympic rings in an exchange caught on video.

The man is Jia Jiang, who is trying to complete a project where he makes at least one crazy request every day for the next 100 days. As Yahoo! News reported, his quest for rejection didn’t get far when he met Jackie Braun, a manager at Krispy Kreme.

When Jiang went into her doughnut shop asking for five doughnuts interlocked to look like the Olympic Rings, he wasn’t expecting Jackie to actually go through with it.

“It’s only my third day and I have already failed,” Jia Jiang wrote on his 100 Days of Rejection Therapy blog. “But I did so with such amazement and happiness.”

As if the request for five colored doughnuts wasn’t difficult enough, Jiang added a time component that he thought was sure to get him rejected.

“In the next 15 minutes,” Jiang replied when Jackie Braun asked how soon he would need it.

Jackie Braun went to the back for several minutes and drew on a receipt to diagram the order, and then came back to Jiang with the finished product. To top it off, she didn’t even charge Braun for the project.

“It wasn’t exactly what he wanted,” Braun told Yahoo! News. “To my eyes, it wasn’t perfect, so I didn’t think I should charge him for it. It was the best I could do in the time allotted.”

The video of Jia Jiang’s exchange with Jackie at Krispy Kreme has gone viral, reaching the top of Reddit and registered close to a half million views on YouTube.

Something else has come of the Krispy Kreme viral video — a campaign to get Jackie Braun a raise from the doughnut shop. Several YouTube commenters noted that they contacted the company to let them know about her efforts to fulfill the impossible request, and Reddit users posted the letters they sent to the company.

Jia Jiang even got into the act, launching a Facebook page called “Give Jackie at Krispy Kreme a Raise,” to thank Jackie Braun for her efforts.