the walking dead spoilers mid-season finale

‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Mid-Season Finale

The Walking Dead mid-season finale spoilers indicate that at least one character will become zombie bait. If Spoiler TV alerts are accurate, Oscar, the jovial prison imate will get killed while helping Rick’s group escape from Woodbury. The mid-season finale episode is entitled “Made to Suffer.”

Spoil the Dead also indicates that there will be casualties during the battle to retrieve Glenn and Maggie from The Governor’s evil clutches. The most recent Walking Dead spoilers claim that the Woodbury group regains control of the gate via Andrea’s assistance. It is currently unknown if Andrea realizes that she is helping the men who tortured members of her original group and attempted to hunt Michonne down like a dog in the woods.

Rick and the group allegedly meet Tyreese during the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead. The way the encounter unfolds is rumored to be exactly like pair meet in the comic series. The much anticipated reunion between Daryl and Merle is hyped in video teasers for the final episode before the first half of the season breaks. Examiner reports that a confrontation between the long-lost brothers is “teased” but not shown.

The animosity between The Governor and Rick’s group will allegedly be at the center of The Walking Dead storyline during the second half of Season 3. Morgan, the man who helped Rick when he first wandered out of the hospital in the premiere episode, is also rumored to stumble upon the group. If TWD spoiler alerts are accurate, Morgan will not be around long. His return is described as “wild.” Morgan is supposedly bit by a walker, and Rick has no choice but to put him down. The fate of Morgan’s son is not mentioned in recent spoiler alerts.

Andrea’s common sense and loyalty to both Michonne and her original group prompts her to change her mind about The Governor, who Michonne aptly described as a “Jim Jones type.” If The Walking Dead spoilers are accurate, the blonde zombie warrior stabs The Governor in the eye with some fancy silverware.