Lesbians warn straight women: we'll marry your boyfriends

Gay Women Warn Female Anti-Gay Marriage Crowd: ‘We’ll Marry Your Boyfriends’ [Viral Video]

Though the recent election saw a major leap forward for civil rights with gay marriage approved in three more states, until it is legal in all 50, gay women are issuing a warning to straight women: support gay marriage or we’ll marry your boyfriends.

College Humor released a video this month in which gay men gave the straight men of the US an ultimatum: Support gay marriage or homosexuals will take one for the team and marry their girlfriends. It’s a persuasive argument. Not only are young couples delaying marriage these days, but there’s that persistent social thought that a woman can find a better companion in a gay man than a straight man.

Now, the Unsolicited Project is making the same point from the other side: Straight women of the US, support gay marriage or lesbians will bite the bullet and marry your boyfriends. Their argument is equally convincing, as they cite common interests like sports and video games and vow not to nag, complain, or subject men to long, boring shopping trips.

When it comes to sex, the women in the video admit a potential drawback. However, they hint that their associations with “lipstick lesbians” will appeal to men, and insist that they’re willing to suffer through intercourse with a male (with the lights off) because it will be brief and they’ll be able to honestly stroke his ego afterwards.

A little vague, I know, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

Here’s the humorous video urging straight women to support gay marriage by the Unsolicited Project. It’s semi-NSFW for one f-bomb and racy subject matter: