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‘Mean Girls’ Give Out Urine-Soaked Cupcakes At High School

Chocolate cupcakes

Enfield, CT – Two teenagers at Enrico Fermi High School could be facing criminal charges for urinating in cupcake batter and then handing out the befouled baked treats to their classmates.

WFSB, Channel 3 in Hartford has more information on the so-called prank at the Enfield school:

“According to students, these two girls are accused of urinating in cupcake batter, baking them and then handing it out to students over the past two days.

” ‘Anyone they didn’t like, they gave the cupcakes to,’ said one Fermi High School student, who did not want to be identified.”

Apparently no one needed medical attention as a result of the secret ingredient fortunately, but many of the students “felt sick” after learning about the tainted cupcakes. The news got out after the pair told one other student about what they did and that person couldn’t keep a secret. Enfield Patch reports that the suspects have been identified by school administrators.

According to the Manchester Journal Inquirer, police are conducting an aggressive investigation into the allegations against the two cupcake distributors. This is what Police Chief Carl Sferrazza had to say about the inquiry into the contaminated cupcakes:

“We’re doing everything we can to bring to a successful conclusion and we’ll let the facts take us in the proper direction. Obviously, when it comes to tampering with things people eat, it can create a tremendous risk for illness.”

If these allegations are proven, what do you think would be the appropriate punishment for the two teens?

Watch a report about the cupcake incident at Enrico Fermi High School (named after the Nobel-Prize-winning physicist) in Enfield, Connecticut from WFSB:

WFSB 3 Connecticut

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128 Responses to “‘Mean Girls’ Give Out Urine-Soaked Cupcakes At High School”

  1. Sunny Clark

    Expelling them will mean they get to slink away and leave their taint behind. Better they should face the consequences of their actions. Suspensions and detentions seems more appropriate.

  2. Gail Gahagan-Jezik

    Expel for sure and a little jail time will serve them good.

  3. Debbie McReynolds

    I hate blaming parents but what kind of upbringing did these girls have to even come up with something so nasty? To do something so disrespectful to other people is sick, they are sick… they should have to eat something with pee from the ones that ate their brownies!

  4. Steve Ribolin

    In regards to the Urine tainted cupcakes…..I believe the two girls deserve not only to be expelled from school, but they should be made to eat one of their own Urine tainted cupcakes and see how they like them!

  5. Mike Coon

    dont forget banishment from ever becoming chefs or bakers in the future

  6. Tonice LaPierre Duncan

    They should be expelled from school, face criminal charges and forced to stand out in front of a very busy public intersection holding a sign indicating exactly what they've done.

  7. Marion Kierstead Leonard

    Expel them, then give them toilet cleaning duties for the rest of the school year!

  8. Sarah Lozano

    At least they only added pee–urine is sterile so the health risk is basically zilch.

  9. Sarah Lozano

    At least they only added pee–urine is sterile so the health risk is basically zilch.

  10. Tonice LaPierre Duncan

    Debbie: I'm going to give the parents the benefit of the doubt and state they would be aghast by their kids behavior and had no clue this was happening, let alone their kids would have the audacity to think, let alone, do something of this magnitude.

  11. Tonice LaPierre Duncan

    Debbie: I'm going to give the parents the benefit of the doubt and state they would be aghast by their kids behavior and had no clue this was happening, let alone their kids would have the audacity to think, let alone, do something of this magnitude.

  12. Kathy Hanson

    Sarah Lozano, urine is only considered sterile while still in the bladder. Once it is expelled through the body it is susceptable to any bacteria it collects on that way out.

  13. Kathy Hanson

    Sarah Lozano, urine is only considered sterile while still in the bladder. Once it is expelled through the body it is susceptable to any bacteria it collects on that way out.

  14. Tonice LaPierre Duncan

    Whether it's sterile or not, who wants to eat something laced with somebody else's body excrements…hell, I don't eat or drink my own let alone somebody elses……

  15. Kym Sheree Stephens

    NObody "DESERVES" something of this magnitude EVER to be done to them no matter WHAT they did the way diseases can be passed through bodily fluids it would definitely be considered "Assault and Battery!" Maybe they're just some sick and twisted kids and need psyche eval. (needed anyway) or If their actions are a result of being bullied then their retaliation is no dif than the person doing the bullying maybe even worse and all involved need to be prosecuted and made an example! Two wrongs NEVER makes a right!

  16. Linda Burch- Tierney

    That is so disgusting! Expelling is to easy for them. Suspend them then detention for the rest of the school year. They should also have some other kind of school related chores to do. This probably is punishable by law do they might have no choice then being out of school. There is a real problem with these girls to ever think the is except able to ever do such s thing to someone else.

  17. Mandi Sue

    so stupid how things like this happen. at least exlax brownies wouldn't have been so dramatic or even remotely near biohazardly unsafe. gross, pee is so gross.

  18. Maive M Jackson

    All I could think of while reading this is, "OMG. My mother would have killed me if I even looked like I was maybe considering the possibility of thinking of doing something like that." What is wrong with people?

  19. Cici Ashe

    Screw expelled, they need to face their peers, they need to pay the same fine a restraunt would in community service, a public apology, & to boot go to other schools & talk about how bullying is wrong & the impact it has on others…

  20. Kristi Fontenot

    I agree with those that say expulsion and make them eat their own cupcakes…but I also think more needs to be done. don't just expel them. This should be considered a criminal act and they should face charges and be sent to juvenile detention.

  21. Paula Qualls Gurley

    They should be expelled and face any applicable criminal charges. What a nasty, disgusting and sick thing to do. They should also get to be surrounded and confronted by their victims.

  22. Michael Musicman Garceau

    YES!! They should have to eat every last one of those pee-cakes…Those bitches are disgusting!

  23. Michael Musicman Garceau

    Tonice LaPierre Duncan AND Make them eat every single one of those cupcakes!! Right in front of EVERYONE!

  24. Rich Overcash

    They should be expelled and in lieu of jail time, make them do a 1,000 hours of community service cleaning bathrooms in Nursing Homes.

  25. Adrienne Tucker-Ferguson

    B*tches should be flogged with a urine-soaked leather belt.

  26. Laure Coman

    That's disgusting… they should be expelled from school 100% and kicked off any sports team they may be on. Let alone those parents better be disciplining those girls hard! Who the heck pees in cupcake batter? Okay ex-lax fine…but PEE!

  27. Dave Murphy

    Just wondering because I didn't see it mentioned. While this is not right in any sort of way, are perhaps the girls the subjects of bullying and this is how they got back at the bulliers?

  28. Julian Meloni

    A slap on the wrist is in due order. Detention if there is some poo poo found as well.

  29. Amy Tanner

    These two girls need to be expelled and face criminal charges. These kids have no idea as to the STD's that these two may be carrying around and passing onto all that ate those cupcakes! They reported that the cupcakes only contained urine, but we don't know what else was added. These two are just disgusting and embarrassing to their parents! Oh yes, they should be made to eat urine cupcakes as well. I am quite sure that they will enjoy the flavor.

  30. NavyWife LivingLife

    They need to be expelled, put in boot camp, made to join the military and their parents need to go to parenting classes and pay each of the teenagers damages, embrassments and humiliation in the sum of 250,000 dollars a piece which should be more but who knows. And I agree with the sign to hold in front of traffic indicating what they done.

  31. Debbie McReynolds

    Sorry Tonice, but personally you have good and evil in some people but this was right and wrong. I'm afraid that these girls are either way too spoiled, they have no respect for anyone let alone themselves, they are just mean little shits or else mommy and daddy didn't spend enough time with them so they don't have so much HATE in their wicked little hearts.

  32. Kendall Emerson

    You have to be some kind of sick in the head to do something like this. Kicked out the city school system, that way the parent had to suffer along with them, finding them another school to attend.

  33. Chris Feltner

    First off the title here is wrong was bot soaked ib urine was made with urine and 2nd urine is just water with a few other things in it. And 3rd sence it was baked at like 350 or more any bad germs or diseases would be killed off only thing wrong with them would be the taste

  34. Scott Everngham

    Is that just a picture of generic cupcakes or are they the pee cupcakes…cause I gotta say if they are the pee cupcakes they look fabulous!

  35. Stacy Clausen

    yes expelled and also legal charges they are upper classmen are they seniors? no matter what should be held back a year and not graduate with there class we need to make the punishments tuffer so it stops others.

  36. Jordan Mykal Cross

    Um, why should the parents have to pay damages for something that their kids did? do you have PROOF that they were bad parents, that let them get away with shit like that? I had a sibling that did shit like this, and he got his ass beat REGULARLY. It didn't help. he was TOO bull-headed, and KEPT getting in trouble.

  37. Matthew Boros

    they should be expelled and sent to prison for attempted murder…1 count per every student who got sick from their malicious prank…i would also ban them from all extra-carricular activities.

  38. Ashley Sanford

    All I have to say is if I was one of those who ate the cupcakes, then finding out after the fact those little bi%$hes pissed in them a a$$ whopping would be in order. That will be my justice severed, you don't do that to people. Teenagers these days are far worse then they were when I was in school smh.

  39. Ashley Sanford

    Debbie sometimes it has nothing to do with how the parents raised them, teenagers are far worse to one another for no reason these days, other than to be just nasty period. That movie "Mean Girls" is a perfect example.

  40. Joan Wilcox

    I agree that the girls need to be punished but as teen agers they know right from wrong and do not need constant supervision from the parents the girls should suffer their own consequences and the parents should not suffer with them. I see that as one of the problems with the teens in this country that they do not suffer their own consequences it is put back onto the parents and as teens they should be able to shoulder their own punishment, maybe if they worked a life time and paid the students for the prank then other teens would think twice about doing some of the stuff that they get away with and the parents are punished for, This is the reason a lot of schools won't allow bakesales anymore because the fear of contamination now someone has proven their fears true.

  41. Joan Wilcox

    Tonice I have to agree with you about the parents most parents don't know what their kids do as teens. I thought mine were good kids and never got into trouble as teens then one day as we were sitting around the table and talking about "do you remember" I found out that my oldest son had been arrested and I never knew as he had his best friends dad bail him out and go to court with him. They are all productive citizens now but I found out that they had their scrapes growing up, as a single mom I had to work and was not able to keep tabs on them all the time. I had raised my children properly with the training to have respect for others and they knew right from wrong but they still chose to do wrong sometimes when they were teens and no one was around.

  42. Debbie McReynolds

    Joan.. my family was very involved in EVERYTHING I did.. and I respected mu family and how what I did would affect them. No I was not afraid of them in any way.. I loved them and respected them which is one reason I would have NEVER done anything to cause them pain much less myself or others. And like you stated.. the parents DO NOT KNOW what their kids do!!! That is the problem.. parents should be more involved in the lives of their kids instead of their own lives!

  43. Lisa Ernsting

    Expell means they can never go back to that school instead I would suspend them for two weeks and ban them from all school functions. They would also need spend 4 Saturdays help fixing the school up-ex. Picking up trash, scrubbing bathrooms, maybe some painting.

  44. Cat Gilliland

    If people who have aids (like prostitute) can be charged with 2nd degree manslaughter for knowingly have sex with others unprotected; then why not these young ladies. If I either had an infection and gave those to someone with a compromised immune system, they could conceivable have come down with an infection that could have serious implications.

  45. Shivalika Singh

    Well the fair justice would be that everyone they handed out the cupcakes to gets to make their own cupcakes (with their own pee in it) and then the two girls be forced to eat the different urine soaked cupcakes. But who cares about fair justice these days anyway?

  46. Siobhan Sayers Beas

    It would not kill anything off, by baking it at 350. It the girls had anything wrong, they could have given it to others

  47. Maddie Lynn

    No! I don't! I don't know if you're joking or not, but what these girls did is NOT a prank, a joke, or funny. They targeted people they didn't like, and so this constitutes an extreme case of bullying. If I were the parent of one of the kids who got a "tainted" cupcake, I'd already have an attorney talking to the parents, the teachers, the school, the district, etc….

  48. Jakesha Daughtry


  49. Shedralyn Pullum

    a co-worker picked my name as her Chris Cringle and I hers the set amount to spend was $25. I didn't like her and I suspect the feeling was mutual. Being the person that I am I put my dislike for her aside in the spirit of giving and purchased her a $25 Starbucks gift card. This heiffer made me this freaking loaf cake!!! I threw that $*** in the trash! No way was I eating it – my instincts told me not to!

  50. Kendolyn Coleman Parish

    They are begging for attention huh! Then, I would have slapped the piss out of them!

  51. Pat Gobble

    Just sad that as a society we are failing our children. I never remember anything like this happening when I was young or even when my children were young. I agree Deb, expelling them from school is the first step but I think putting them in the juvenile justice system can end up creating bigger problems. Many of those kids in the system are really violent and hard. The only reason why I know this is because my daughter Meg worked with these kids. They are broken in so many ways :(

  52. Kim Myers

    I envision them them doing many many hours of community service cleaning the most disgusting public toilets available. Expulsion from school would be good also. And they and/or their parents should have to provide all cleaning supplies – nothing fancy and something that requires a lot of elbow grease… and no gloves.

  53. Chris Wormleighton

    This makes me disgusted to hear this, even being in the opposite school. This is the main reason I am not attending school anymore, because of intensive bullying situations JUST like this. This truly needs to stop.

  54. Adrian Williams

    What the hell is wrong with people these days? They should be expelled from school and publicly humiliated for what they did along with criminal charges.

  55. Beverly Colon

    when I learned about this I wondered what the hell kind of school I'm attending -.- people DID get sick after eating the cupcakes and some people even had allergic reactions because laxative was also put into the cupcakes along with the urine. I'm ashamed to say I go to a school where this type of thing even happens -.-

  56. Cat Gilliland

    to Joan Wilcox, where I grew up in Florida, teens are charged and most times punished as adults, if they committed an adult crime. This crime these girls committed was with forethought, and comprehension – so in my mind, the girls are open to legal charges associated to act from school down to individual civil suits the affected victims suffered. I have also seen some very good parents do their best to give their children the very best upbringing (not just money but values) and still the child and/or adult commits acts toward society that defy comprehension. So I agree the parents should not be held accountable in this incident; unless of course, in can be proven that they were patterning their parental behaviorism.

  57. Cat Gilliland

    to Cece Nichole Adams I agree, we do not need this caliber of individual in our US military ranks. They make the worst kind of soldiers; if you want to call them that.

  58. Kaida Choi

    What if they were bullied by those people they didn't like? that would give them a good reason to make those cupcakes. I am not saying it is a good thing to make pee-cupcakes but looking at this in a different perspective because everyone says they deserve something or punishment but what if they are being bullied by people?

  59. Brenda Arlene Tucker

    Ok so we need to remember these ARE just kids. They need to be punished appropriately but not overly. These girls made a mistake, but we don't know their story. They could be victims of sever bullying who finally couldn't take it anymore. Yes we know this is not the way they should have handled a situation like that, but it's better than them taking out their anger with an automatic weapon like so many others. And while it is gross, I do give them a little credit for their creativity. I'd never have thought of that. Anyway point is, there's gotta be more to this story. I highly doubt these girls did this just to do it. I could be wrong though cuz the youth of today is kinda fucked up, but I'm all for given them a little benefit of doubt. They really should have handled it differently, but if they were provoked I would think criminal charges are a little harsh. If they did it just out of fun and spite that's a different story. It's difficult to judge how the situation should be handled without the full story. Either way the story goes I do agree with expulsion and some serious counseling. I'd also like to see them do something to make it up to the community such as community service of some sort.

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