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Halle Berry’s Baby Daddy Allegedly In Danger Of Deportation After Arrest

Gabriel Aubry, the father of Halle Berry’s daughter, is in danger of deportation back to Canada after his Thanksgiving Day arrest. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Aubry and Berry’s fiancé Oliver Martinez got into a brutal fight during the holiday.

A Radar Online source claims that Gabe Aubry is not only facing losing shared custody of his daughter Nahla, he is also facing possible deportation and criminal charges. The source had this to say about the ongoing drama surrounding movie star Halle Berry:

“Gabe is in the United States on a work visa and anytime someone is arrested on child abuse, domestic violence, assault or battery charges the Immigration and Naturalization Services is contacted by law enforcement. During the time Gabe was being held at the police station he was asked if he was a United States citizen, and he said no. This is what triggered INS being contacted. It’s not a given that Gabe will be automatically deported, but it’s a very real possibility. He doesn’t need to be convicted in order to be deported, the arrest is enough to terminate his visa.”

When Berry’s former significant other was spotted around town in Los Angeles over the weekend, he was allegedly sporting a rather nasty-looking black eye. Martinez, 46, was supposedly photographed with bandages around his hand from injuries sustained in the fight at Berry’s home.

The fight between Aubry and Martinez reportedly happened on Thursday morning at the star’s home when the 4-year-old child was being dropped off to her mother. Several weeks ago a judge nixed the movie star’s plans to move to France because such a relocation would essentially remove the little girl from her father’s life. The 36-year-old Canadian model also dated Kim Kardashian briefly.

The Radar Online source also had this to say about Gabe Aubry:

“Not helping matters is the fact that Gabe does have a temper and feels that his buttons were being pushed when he dropped Nahla off. Gabe will fight any attempt to deport him back to Canada. He is hopeful that once the truth comes out he won’t be charged with any crime and he won’t have to deal with any threat of leaving the US.”