Cast Spells With The Technomancer Digital Wizard Hoodie

Cast Spells With The Technomancer Digital Wizard Hoodie

Who has never dreamed of being a wizard or powerful spellcaster at one point in their life?

According to GeekAlerts, there is now a hoodie fit for a mage, wizard or whatever that certain magic user is calling himself these days. This new hoodie is very stylish. This means you can cast your spells and look good at the same time.

This cutting edge Technomancer Digital Wizard Hoodie will allow you to cast 10 different spells, with corresponding lights and sounds.

The Technomancer Digital Hoodie uses dual accelerometers in the sleeves to sense your hand movements. Different hand movements will allow you to cast different spells.

The spells at your disposal include (but are not limited to) fireball, healing, and lightning bolt. Each spell has unique light and sound effects that correspond to each spell. They are powered by a speaker and over two dozen bright multicolored LEDs.

Technomancer Digital Wizard Hoodie

-Transform yourself into a powerful mage with this hoodie

-Dual accelerometers in the sleeves sense your hand movements

-Move your hands in the right sequence to cast a specific spell

-Internal speakers will create the spellcasting sound effects

-LEDs in the hood and sleeves light up with the appropriate color

-Ten different spells including: fireball, healing, and lightning bolt

-Illustrated directions included to teach you the movements for each spell

-Patent pending technology designed by ThinkGeek

-Machine Washable: Electronic components can be removed for washing

This unique hoodie doesn’t cost a fortune either, you can own one for just $119.99 from Thinkgeek.

I’m adding it to my Christmas list … how about you?