Apple iPad Sales Skyrocket

Apple iPad Sales Ruled Black Friday Weekend

Holiday shoppers flocked to the Apple iPad over the Black Friday weekend, scooping up iPad devices at a faster rate than every other major tablet provider combined.

In a report released by IBM and titled The iPad Factor, the company writes:

“The [Apple] iPad generated more traffic than any other tablet or smartphone, reaching nearly 10 percent of online shopping. This was followed by iPhone at 8.7 percent and [Google] Android 5.5 percent. The iPad dominated tablet traffic at 88.3 percent followed by the Barnes & Noble Nook at 3.1 percent, Amazon Kindle at 2.4 percent and the Samsung Galaxy at 1.8 percent.”

In a report from eBay and PayPal, it was discovered that iPad 2 sales reached 250 units per hour from 12 am to 8 am PT.

A recent Nielsen study found that 48 percent of children ages six to 12 years old asked for an iPad for Christmas. The study also found that 36 percent of those same children wanted an iPod touch while 36 percent asked for an iPad mini and 33 percent requested an iPhone.

While Apple may have dominated the Black Friday weekend, likely thanks to Apple’s Black Friday sale, the company is facing increasing competition from Google, Amazon, Samsung, and various other competitors who are quickly adapting to the tablet market thanks to Google Android. Microsoft has also recently jumped into the consumer tablet game with the release of its Microsoft Surface tablet line of portable devices.

In celebration of the iPad’s massive Black Friday sales numbers, IBM created the following infograpic: