Danish Amy Winehouse play canceled

Danish Theater Cancels Amy Winehouse Play

Copenhagen, Denmark — Mitch Winehouse, father of late singer Amy Winehouse, has put a stop to the performance of a Danish play about his daughter. He declined permission to use her photos and music in the production.

“Amy,” which was supposed to have opened on January 20 in a 220-seat theater in central Copenhagen, was based on concerts, interviews, newspaper articles, and letters written by the British singer. The Royal Theater had been granted a permit to perform the play by Danish copyright agency Koda.

Koda spokesman Nicolaj Hylten-Cavallius said: “We acted in good faith when we gave them the permission for the performance. We believed that the format — a theater play — was OK. We were told by her father and the lawyers around him that we can forget all about the rights for the music, the photos, branding, and everything.”

Mitch Winehouse didn’t give any reason for his objection to the use of his daughter’s music, photos, or belongings, Hylten-Cavallius said.

“Amy” was written by a group of a 11 Danish playwrights, and depicted her life and relationship with drugs and alcohol.

While Mitch Winehouse doesn’t want a play made about his daughter, he has no objection to a biopic — as long as someone “handsome” plays him. His pick? George Clooney.

Winehouse joked, “But they’ll probably end up with Ray Winstone or someone like that knowing my luck.”

There have been rumors that Lady Gaga could play the Grammy-award winner. But Mitch Winehouse said, while he likes her as a person, he isn’t sure she is right for the role.

Do you think Mitch Winehouse was right to deny permission for “Amy”? Who do you think should play Amy Winehouse in a biopic?