Depeche Mode Guitarist Thinks 'Somebody Should Shoot Simon Cowell'

Depeche Mode Guitarist Thinks ‘Somebody Should Shoot Simon Cowell’

Guitarist and songwriter Martin Gore of the 1980s band Depeche Mode has lashed out at The X Factor’s Simon Cowell during a recent interview with Music Week.

According to TODAY, Gore, a founding member of the 1980s band, thinks that Cowell has ruined music. Gore has also suggested that Cowell should be “dealt with” permanently. Gore said:

“I’m not advocating violence, but I think somebody should shoot Simon Cowell. His influence in the music industry over the last God knows how many years it’s been now…. It’s just been like, so many people think that’s what music is. What happened to bands getting together?”

Cowell wasn’t pleased by the comment … obviously. So, he took to Twitter Monday to respond. He appeared to be more offended by the fact that some people support gun violence than he is by the thought of himself being shot.

Cowell posted this on his Twitter:

Cowell then immediately added this on Twitter:

Gore has yet to comment, but Depeche Mode fans have already jumped to his defense.

@Juzza07 expressed his opinion by posting, “‘Weirdo’ for writing some of the finest music UK has produced?”

Ange C also defended Gore by tweeting this, “There’s only one ‘weirdo’ here and it ain’t Martin!”